Muslim Brotherhood Organizations

Here you will find the names of organizations that are front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Ikwhan ( or brotherhood) is the umbrella under which all of these fall.

This document serves as their template to infiltrate and “destroy” from within. This was entered as evidence in a federal trial, the Holy Land Foundation, which was the United States’ largest terrorist funding case to date.

Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto Arab & English   ( Official title : An Explanatory Memorandum on the Strategic Goal for the Group In North America)

nefaikhwan1007[1]    (Brief History of the Muslim Brotherhood)

mb phone book    Muslim Brotherhood phone book ( evidence from trial)

Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

ISNA Dossier

isna core standards

Muslim Student Association  (MSA)


MSA dossier

starters   (MSA Starter Guide)

msaprogramweb   ( MSA Convention Brochure with Eboo Patel )


Council on American Islamic Relations  (CAIR)

CAIR strong arms entities from the US Government,  private companies. and  individuals by the threats of law suits and defamation. CAIR is an un-indicted conspirator in our countrys largest terrorism finance case with proven ties to the Muslim Brotherhood

CAIR claims to be the largest Muslim grassroots organization in the United States, and currently has 36 chapters.

CAIR was founded by Omar Ahmed and Nihad Awad, both supporters of Hamas.

Hamas Charter

Islam powerpoint 2     Power Point with CAIR slides

423      List of individuals and organizations’ entered into evidence in the federal Holy Land Foundation trial


CAIR education_guide

CAIR health_care_guide

CAIR employment_guide

CAIRs CA Bullying Report  GrowingInFaith

CAIR Hamas document

CAIR money from HLF

holyland foundation

letter from fbi on cair

IAP agenda

nihad awad phone number

Palestine committee  (first several pages are in Arabic, English follows)


CAIR    Model Policy on Law Enforcement Outreach


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  1. Gary Owen says:

    The problem, in the past, is that people waited until it was a concern, then it was too late. Muslims and the Islam religion have moved into and taken over country after country for hundreds of years. They are doing it in Europe now and working hard on the U.S. Get William Federer, historian, up on your browser and check out documented information that goes back hundreds of years!

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