CAIR Documents

1425   U.S District Court, Dallas TX- Decision on CAIR, ISNA and NAIT un-indicted status

23-internal-memo-of-the-iap        Evidence in the Holy Land Foundation trial, first several pages in Arabic, English follows.  Complete info on the structure of this organization

connected_fact_sheet   AN explanation from the White House on the Connect all School project

NAIT Doc 148       Details on the North American Islamic Trust

ICNA handbook   Islamic Circle of North America (considered the education arm of the Muslim Brotherhood)


From the desk of  ( TN Homeland Security Commissioner Bill Gibbons condolences to Chattanooga)

23162-123187   Ramadan, A Prayer Guide From the Southern Baptist Church

American Muslim Critique and Recomendation 2003


The Strategic Goal for North America ( Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto ) English Version

Salam al Marayati                            investigative project on terrorism dossier

7_SS_1W-1-1      Williamson County TN 7th Grade Standards

VS october speech D groot   Geert Wilders Speech Nashville 2014

english-v14       Letter from Islamic Scholars to Leader of ISIS

download-1410389438857    Ginger Hausser  memo to Rep Roger Kane on Eboo Patel ( TN Tech )


Letter-to-DHS-law-enforcement-bias   ( letter to Asst  President Of DHS Counter terrorism on training)

Mohammed Nabi          (Gitmo prisoner traded for Beau Bergdahl)

Mullah Norullah Nori     (Gitmo prisoner traded for Beau Bergdahl)

Mohammad Fazl           (Gitmo prisoner traded for Beau Bergdahl)

Khairullah Khairkhwa    (Gitmo prisoner traded for Beau Bergdahl)

Abdul Haq Wasiq          (Gitmo prisoner traded for Beau Bergdahl)

IslamicReformation pamphet

Jihad in Islam 2

Party Structure

The Concepts of HizbutTahrir

The American Campaign to Suppress Islam

emerick-p-188              (From What is Islam Textbook)

emerick-text0004          (From What is Islam Textbook)

emerick-text0010          (From What is Islam Textbook)

emerick-text0009          (From What is Islam Textbook)

emerick-text0006          (From What is Islam Textbook)

 emerick0001                (From What is Islam Textbook)


Islamberg-Ul Fuqra

Act For America   Full_Report_version_7.31.12

Alternative Assignment

hasan PPT  ( Fort Hood Terrorist)

Un resolution 16/18



Four Year Calendar of Jewish Holy Days


Email from Kattih:






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