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Franklin Tennessee’s Darling of Interfaith Attends Muslim Brotherhood Conference

The United States Council on Muslim Organizations(USCMO) is a new political party formed by Muslim Brotherhood groups in America. What makes them dangerous are several factors, the first being their sole purpose is to effect change within our government by … Continue reading

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Muslims Want A Revolution In America

“Why can’t we have a revolution in America” Khalilah Sabra, Muslim America Society  This is why there will be turmoil  leading to November. Despite it’s peaceful name, this conference hosted by the Muslim Brotherhood group Muslims for America (MAS), is … Continue reading

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The Islamists Behind The Protest Curtain

The Ummah ( Muslim community) is rising. This is a phrase often  used in mosques to describe their role in the movements of the disenfranchised, and the “oppressed” such as  Black Lives Matter (BLM) and LGBTQ. This is also a … Continue reading

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Islamists “Feel The Bern”, But For Their Own Agenda

Islamists in Florida, like Hassan Shibly, have a message for us. “Only in America do you see Muslims united to support the first Jewish president of the United States.”   Muslims are flooding to rallies to support Bernie Sanders not because he is right … Continue reading

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U.S Dept.Of Justice Interfering In Public Schools

Criminalizing free speech is about to happen. Well, only if it is construed as anti-Muslim, or anti-Islam. The Department of  Justice is moving swiftly by implementing a new enforcement effort that will follow up any investigations with possible prosecutions for … Continue reading

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