Muslims Want A Revolution In America

“Why can’t we have a revolution in America” Khalilah Sabra, Muslim America Society 

This is why there will be turmoil  leading to November.


Despite it’s peaceful name, this conference hosted by the Muslim Brotherhood group Muslims for America (MAS), is anything but. Held every year in Chicago, last years conference set a different tone. With speakers such as Tariq Ramadan, grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, and  CAIR’s Hamas supporter Nihad Awad, their message is one everyone should hear.

Video courtesy of the Center for Security Policy.



It doesn’t get any clearer. The Muslims want a revolution in America, however it won’t be the Muslims doing the dirty work. They have chosen to embrace radical black groups that  continue to deliver a message that is based on lies. “Hands up don’t shoot”, which came from the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, has been the mantra, but is false. The Council of Islamic American Relations (CAIR) joined forces with Black Lives Matter to help promote these lies. Another lie circulating on social media, and driven by Muslims, is Americans voting to have Muslims banned from entering the United States. This, taken from, and out of context by a statement made by presidential candidate Donald Trump, where he suggested Muslims not be allowed to cross our borders until the government can properly vet refugees and develop a way to ensure terrorists are not among them.

shaun king on muslim ban

This wasn’t on any ballot, this isn’t a question being asked of voters, this is a blatant lie  spread by a Black Lives Matter member. 

Meanwhile, another radical director of CAIR, Hassan Shibly of Tampa FL, and a staunch supporter of Bernie Sanders, brags about being at the White House.

shibly at WH3


CAIR has joined forces with the Black Lives Matter group, CAIR has been designated a terrorist organization in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and CAIR has been found to be an unindicted co-conspirator  in the United States’ largest terrorist funding trial held in Dallas TX called the Holy Land Foundation trial.

The pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

An administration that has divided the country,   hosting groups that want to dismantle it, who  in turn are embracing those that will cause destruction and chaos.

Hold on America, here it comes.





Cathy Hinners




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7 Responses to Muslims Want A Revolution In America

  1. says:

    Cathy, Where did you find this quote:

    “Why can’t we have a revolution in America” Khalilah Sabra, Muslim America Society

    Thanks, Mike

    Mike Baldwin Murfreesboro,TN 37130 615-898-0120

  2. cjames says:

    Ms Cathy, you point out the obvious, need to flush these thugs and savages out like a covey of quail. It is Obama who has causes this , and yes goes back decades, now is the tipping point. Rest assured, enough of the Patriots still around to liquidate this problem. It is violent colonization, and we see How Australia is having a rough go of it now. Starve this scum of the earth, boycott their business, don’t hire them, do not makes friends with them for that friend will be the first to cut your throat. I cannot be more emphatic, learn to use a weapon, for the police will not be able to protect you when this hits the fan. To many anarchists, police won’t be able to respond rapidly enough in all cases
    . Going with Trump for the gov’t at this time is not in our favor. Trump 2016

  3. cjames says:

    Ms Cathy, some of your followers do not know you are on the Muslim hit list so again posting this, no fan of the Southern Poverty law Center, however even in writing this article they Still try to get a few negative hits in on your wonderful women.

  4. travis says:

    Hell with the U.S ..Muslims should come on up to Canada where you are welcomed

  5. We haven’t plated Cowboys and Muslims yet but it’s a comin.

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