While Nashville Christians Lunch with Islamists, Christians In Yemen Are Executed.

“Godliness is founded on truth.” This, one of the principles of the Presbyterian Church,  apparently has been dismissed as members of its flock in Nashville eagerly attend a luncheon with members of the Islamic Center of Nashville. Not only are Christians being duped by the Islamists sitting at their table, Christians are being slaughtered across the globe  by those practicing the same doctrine. Yes, Islam practiced by those in the Islamic Center of Nashville is the same Islam practiced throughout the world.

The same Islam that drove gunman to enter a Care Home in Yemen founded by Mother Teresa, and shoot 4 nuns in the head as they cared for the elderly.  In total,16 people were executed all because they were Christians.

Mideast Yemen

A Yemeni man inspects an elderly care home after it was attacked by gunmen in the port city of Aden, Yemen, Friday, March 4, 2016. Unidentified gunmen stormed a retirement home run by Catholic nuns in the southern city of Aden on Friday shooting more than a dozen people to death, including several Indian nuns, Yemeni security officials and witnesses said. (AP Photo/Wael Qubady)

Before one rushes to defend the Islamists who insist they are victims, insist Islam has been hijacked, and insist their god is the same same yours, know who you are defending and embracing.

The Islamic Center of Nashville is owned and operated by the North American Islamic Trust, a financial arm of the Muslim Brotherhood’s largest entity the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).


The Islamic Center of Nashville is where Carlos Bledsoe, aka Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad became interested in Islam, converted to it, and then, with the permission of the Imam, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, traveled to Yemen to  study. Upon his arrival back to the United States, Carlos drove to an army recruiting center in Arkansas where he shot and killed Sgt. Andy Long, and injured another soldier.  In an open letter to an FBI agent, Carlos said  ‘‘Our goal is to rid the Islamic world of Idols and Idolators, Paganism and Pagans, Infidelity and Infidels, hypocrisy and hypocrites, apostasy and apostates, democracy and democrats and relaunch the Islamic caliphate, the Islamic Khalifah and to establish the Islamic Law (Shari’ah)—Allah’s Law on Earth and anyone who strives for this is affiliated with the movement. So yes I’m Al Qāeda and proud to be.”  (For an excellent presentation on Carlos Bledsoe and the Islamic Center of Nashville, watch the documentary Losing our Sons )


Another Imam that hailed from the Islamic Center of Nashville is Mohammed Ahmed, now Mohammed Al Sherif. In June of 2011, Al Sherif was a speaker at the Religious Communicator Council conference where he surprised those in attendance by speaking about honor killings and women that are non virgins. “Those people, they are not virgins, they are not good people”, “That would cause a cultural honor killing”

To see this part of the video start at 38:20 – 39:00



Why are Christians, living and practicing their faith in the Buckle of the Bible Belt so fascinated with those that are killing their brother and sisters around the world? How can they ignore the genocide of their own? There is only one Islam and it’s the same one in Nashville as it is in the Middle East.

elibiary on no such thing as radical islam only islam

Shame on those Christians who fail to see the truth. While members of the Second Presbyterian Church shared laughs and food, members of the same Christian faith were handcuffed and shot in their heads.

Sure hope congregants of the Second Presbyterian Church enjoyed their lunch.


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9 Responses to While Nashville Christians Lunch with Islamists, Christians In Yemen Are Executed.

  1. Buckshot says:

    Islam is anti-Christ and Muslims are murdering Christians. Why would any Christians warm up to Islam?

    • Robert McClurkan says:

      They warm up to Islam because they are ignorant about Islam. Most of these people are Christian in name only. Most of them couldn’t recite from memory all the 66 books of the Bible, so they have never taken time to study Islam and know what Political Islam is all about. When they join up with these thugs, they feel warm and fuzzy, it makes them feel that they have reached out and made friends. They do not realize it is like reaching out to pet a pit viper that is coiled and ready to strike them with its deadly venom.

      • Buckshot says:

        People who aren’t grounded in the Word and filled with the Spirit can often be gullible and easily led astray, whether they can recite the 66 books of the Bible, or not.

  2. Bart Whatley says:

    Having lunch with Islamists, is ignoring the anti-Christ ilk that is going on all over the world.

  3. cjames says:

    Folks, it is not my intention to die at the hands of these savages. No, stand your ground, be vigilant, boycott their businesses, If you are in fear of your life, you have concealed carry, defend yourselves, for one morning you may wake up with a knife at your neck and defenseless. Second, should you own a business, do not hire this satanic cult members, but let them wither and starve them out. Make a point to call your congressmen and state representatives to deport them all. Every one of them, man women and child are murderers. From the day they exit the womb they are taught to kill, and you say , I cannot kill to save myself, remember, if you can murder the unborn in the womb, you are up to it! Better them than you!

  4. hbba@comcast.net says:

    Cathy, Yes, it is a crying shame that Christians welcome Muslims to their fold. I wish they had the good sense to learn about Islam instead of assuming they know something about it. But I have to say the leaders of Christian churches are the ones responsible for this happening. I hope you have a long email list so many more people would become aware of what’s really happening .

    On radio yesterday you brought up how Muslims are becoming involved with “Black Lives Matter”. The Muslims were involved in the Ferguson and Baltimore riots from what I’ve read. Muslims are using the prisons as fertile ground for black converts. But they have been doing this since the 1930’s. As a 12 year old I saw signs all over the south side of Chicago advertising the “Nation of Islam” and Elijah Muhammad in the 1960’s. I believe the Muslims will support any cause that creates dissension and hate within our country. I hope you continue to bring up this issue on the net and radio. Maybe we can move you up to #1 on the SPLC hate list!

    You seem to be very good at discovering who really owns a mosque. Do you know who owns the mosque in Murfreesboro?

    I forgot to tell you I traveled through three airports in the US and Holland with no one complaining about my Zippo lighter. In Hamburg I had an Arabic Muslim security agent confiscate my Zippo. I told him the airline said I could carry it and three airports. He said he didn’t care, I wasn’t flying with it in my possession. It just happened that my Zippo had the US flag on one side.

    You do a great job Cathy, Mike

    Mike Baldwin Murfreesboro,TN 37130 615-898-0120 hbba@comcast.net

    • Robert McClurkan says:

      Anyone who wants a quick study on exactly what Islam, Muslims, Mosque building and everything else Islamic….then purchase a copy of Noni Darwish’s great book, “Cruel and Usual Punishment”, also another book by her is, “Now They Call Me Infidel”. There are other informative studies anyone can acquire, but for an informative quick read, I would recommend these two, especially the first one listed. If you want more information on the author, just Google: NONI DARWISH, you will be getting the info straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. (Maybe these books should be on the back of church pews along with the Bibles and Song Books, for Christians to read.)
      I know personally, from having talked with many I have met, ignorance of Islam is running rampant among our fellow Americans.

      • cjames says:

        Need to get the message out, to everyone family, friends, anyone who will listen. This is rapidly coming to a head, and we must all be prepared , for I know these people. I posted this to someone who wanted to know my background, “Muslims have been coming after, killing and crucifying my ancestors since their beginning 1400 years ago. I am a Maronite Catholic, oldest rite in the Catholic church. Ancestors spoke Aramaic, the language of Christ. They were the Phoenicians, they that sailed he oceans, spread the alphabet and built Carthage and even sailed to the Americas prior to Columbus. We are not Arabs but over the years because of the Arabs dominating the area, adopted or what ever, the Arabic tongue. 140 years ago, the time of the Ottoman empire, my ancestors fled , or if they stayed would have either been massacred, beheaded or crucified. This Nation has been good to us. We have fought in all the wars and yes even I am a veteran. Some have not come home. I LOVE THIS NATION, I took an oath to defend this Nation, and if need be SHALL DIE FOR THIS NATION. why you might ask, because I AM AN AMERICAN.!” We now have a huge task at hand, so let us use every means at our disposal to stop this colonization and demise of this great nation.

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