Who We Really Are, and Who The Refugees Say We Are

As a heated debate takes place in Tennessee’s Legislative Plaza regarding refugee resettlement, the state Senate approved a resolution that will allow the attorney general to move forward to sue the federal government, asking  a court to clearly define the state’s rights when it comes to resettling refugees. As a sovereign state, does the federal government have the right to coerce that state to use tax payer’s dollars to fund the refugee benefits and programs at the risk of losing the same for its citizens?

This is a 10th Amendment issue, period. “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States, respectively, or to the people.”    So, why then do the organizations representing refugees continue to deceive the public, declaring this is  anti-refugee and anti-immigrant?  What they are really saying is they dont care about the American Constitution, or the values it’s people hold. 

Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris, has done a commendable job of articulating why and how the state needs to move forward to protect the citizens of Tennessee, however  Senator Jeff Yarbro of Nashville stated the measure “betrays the values of who we are“. Echoing that sentiment is Hedy Weinberg of the ACLU ” Closing our doors in the faces of families fleeing violence and terror undercuts who we are as Tennesseans.” This wouldn’t be complete without hearing from Tennessee Democratic Party Chairwoman Mary Mancini who states” Refusing refugees who are in desperate need of place to seek shelter from war and hardship, or kicking them out as Chairman (Glen) Casada once suggested, is not who we are.” 

Seems odd the American public continues to hear  the slogan “this is not who we are” from the very people looking to re-define who we are. So who are we? Well, lets start with who we are not. Bigots, haters and Islamophobes are just some of the words used to describe Americans that are grasping to hold tight the foundation with which we were built upon.  Insisting the federal government play by the rules isn’t intolerance of a refugee,  insisting we accept those whom we cannot vet or account for isn’t either. It is called securing our nation from those that have pledged allegiance to  kill Americans on our own soil, in our own beds . Is this what the refugee families want for their neighbors, friends or co-workers?

Is it true then that refugees believe the American Constitution is second to what is only good for them?  How American is that? Are they not taking the oath of citizenship which declares”that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States”?   

Who we are has been reflected by years of accepting immigrants and refugees, opening our arms to those in need, giving millions the chance to live the American dream.

Who we are is not who the left wants us to be. Using the phrase “it’s not who we are” is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, attempting to hide the truth on the real issues.

Americans abiding by the laws of our land, honoring the Constitution, and protecting our future..that’s who we are.



Cathy Hinners






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One Response to Who We Really Are, and Who The Refugees Say We Are

  1. hbba@comcast.net says:

    Well said Cathy!!! After being in Holland and Germany the last two weeks I’d hate to think that my country is going to look like them if changes aren’t made now. Germany is already covered up with Muslims and more are coming in daily. They have been using a former Home Depot store (160,000 square feet) as a processing center in Hamburg. Germany is trying to spread out the immigrants to keep from creating Muslim ghettos in the large cities. But the Muslims leave the town they are supposed to be in and move themselves to metro areas. Now the German government is getting ready to cut off benefits to any immigrant that is not living where they are supposed to be. In the mean time the German government has had to admit that they have lost track of over 500,000 immigrants, they have no idea where they are now.

    In the mean time burglaries are up 36% in 2015 over 2014 in my friend’s county. Sexual assaults are at ridiculous levels in metro areas. At least the news media is now reporting on the problems instead of covering them up. New Years Eve in Cologne blew the lid off a boiling pot.

    Take care, Mike

    Mike Baldwin Murfreesboro,TN 37130 615-898-0120 hbba@comcast.net

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