This Williamson County TN School Board Member lacks Gumption to Back Anti-Terror Policy

Most Americans are against terrorism in all of its forms, including its individuals, organizations and ideology. Or not. Those who are not, are either apologists, sympathizers or supporters.  Resisting a policy that would ban terrorist organizations or known affiliates to provide classroom material clearly puts one in the or not category.

It is hard to fathom school board members adamantly resisting anything that would prevent supplemental instruction coming from terrorist organizations into their teachers classrooms, and into their students minds. But that is exactly the case in Williamson County TN.  This past week, Dr. Beth Burgos, a school board member, that is also  on the policy committee presented framework that would keep known terrorist organizations or their like minded associates from reaching its influence into the classroom via power points and media online. A power point from the Council on American Islamic Relations(CAIR) has in fact been used across the state, and the official Tennessee Electronic Learning Center has also been found to contain links to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Muslim Brotherhood’s largest grassroots front group.

To Anne McGraw, a newly elected school board member, the proposed policy is apparently frustrating since they should not be focusing on “potential” issues being driven from those with agendas, outside of her county.


anne mcgraw fb commentanne mcgraw fb comment.2PNG

Earlier this week, Ms. McGraw had stated “Teachers know not to use supplemental materials provided by terrorists, we don’t need to tell them that.”  Really? I would imagine Ms. McGraw would be hard pressed to name any terrorist organizations within the United States, since because they dont live in her county, they dont exist. Please tell that to the families of the  slain military men that died in Chattanooga TN at the hands of Muhammad Yusef Abdulazeez, who lived and worked in…her county. Surely the typical reply would be that he was an extremist, and he wasn’t from Williamson County, he only lived there a short time.

But some responses to Ms. McGraws Face Book post were as if she performed some great feat.


Ms. McGraw, this isn’t a joke. Terrorism isn’t a joke.  Just because a label designating a terrorist organization hasn’t been given to CAIR in the United States, doesn’t lessen the facts they are proven by a federal court to be supporters of Hamas. CAIR has been labeled a terrorist group in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E), specifically because of their support for Hamas.

Since Ms. McGraw  refuses to stand for the elimination of terrorist group materials invading schools in her own state, one can only imagine why? Why wouldn’t a member of a school board  want a policy that  bans  any materials, from any terrorist organization, or their affiliates.  

Too bad Ms. McGraw doesn’t have the gumption to say no to real badass terrorists.




Cathy Hinners






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2 Responses to This Williamson County TN School Board Member lacks Gumption to Back Anti-Terror Policy

  1. Anne McGraw says:

    Teachers are already not allowed to use materials supplied by terrorist groups according to existing policy on appropriate curriculum materials. The newly proposed policy wording is redundant and therefore unnecessary and not a productive use of Board time. But you can try to spin this any way you’d like to suit your required talking points, I’m fine with that. The parents of children in our schools, not to mention teachers and Principals, resoundlingly agree with me on this matter and they’re my constituents whose voices I’m bound to represent. (P.S. You’re using the word “gumption” wrong.)

  2. Anne McGraw says:

    (well, typos are my pet peeve and I typed too fast to catch “resoundingly”. My bad. Have a great weekend!)

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