Will Williamson County TN School Board Members Protect Your Children?

                       “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” Aldous Huxley

Tell that to some members of the Williamson County TN School Board, who insist on political correctness, rather than the well being of the children they are supposed to be protecting. Once again, an effort put forth by school board member Dr. Beth Burgos, was received with ridicule and ignorance. Dr Burgos, who also sits on the policy committee, proposed “supplemental instructional materials, including but not limited to online resources, must not be provided by, or associated with, known terrorist groups or organizations, with known ties to terrorist groups. A terrorist organization is defined as any Foreign Terrorist Organization(FTO) as designated by the United States Department of State.” 

Dr Burgos further stated: “I would also like to consider adding the exact same verbiage to Page 2 of the policy under Selection Criteria and Procedures for School Media Centers under selection criteria number 4, line 16.”   What Dr. Burgos is proposing isn’t based on a whim, but rather on what is actually occurring across the state of Tennessee, including a school located in Sullivan County, Vance Middle School. It seems the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) had developed a power point which worked its way into the classroom at the that school.

cair slide

In addition to the power point, the Tennessee Electronic Learning Center contains materials and resources for students to link to which are in fact Muslim Brotherhood.  One of the websites listed was for the Islamic Society of North America, (ISNA)  the largest Muslim Brotherhood organization in the U.S.



The above is only a small sample of other links and materials offered on the  official Tennessee website. So now the issue becomes that some school board members have a problem with facts regarding terrorist organizations.

Teachers know not to use supplemental materials provided by terrorists, we don’t need to tell them that, said Anne McGraw a school board member. Well, Ms. McGraw, the materials are being used, so obviously they do need direction. Even this comment agrees.

comment about teachers dont know who terrorist are

No, the teachers are not at fault, and no they are not intentionally attempting to indoctrinate their students, however, we are in a world where terrorism strikes through means other than violence, and any policies or guidelines to protect children could only assure their safety. What harm would a policy like the one proposed do?

Ken Peterson’s statement was “seems redundant to place something like this in a formal policy.” Redundancy, when it comes to children’s safety is an issue? Last but not least, from a school board member that months ago told residents of Williamson County to “pack up and move” if they felt there were problems in his county, Bobby Hullett twists the effort of creating this policy by stating “Our teachers are not idiots” and “you dont trust teachers to do their job.” Mr Hullett, the issue isn’t the teachers, its school board members like yourself that refuse to educate the teachers on this particular subject. Whether Mr. Hullett likes it or not, terrorist organizations are within arms reach of his district. Perhaps he should ask members of a group called Williamson Strong, who have befriended supporters and an ex employee of CAIR, Paul Galloway.

The banter on social media from those ignorant of what CAIR is, and the individuals involved is alarming. Even a local reporter from the Franklin Home page, Amber Stewart shows its easier to damn people rather than research the truth. While the organization (CAIR) has been dogged by accusations of terror links, it has never been indicted by the US government and therefore would not meet the standards for terrorism set forth in Burgos’s policy.”

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is an un-indicted co conspirator in our country’s largest terrorism funding case to date. The hang up seems to be the term “un-indicted”, which members of CAIR and it’s affiliates, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) have petitioned the U.S District Court in Dallas TX to remove. Here is the finding from that court decision.


(Entire court document here  1425 )

The Government has produced ample evidence to establish associations of CAIR, ISNA, and NAIT with Holy Land Foundation, the Islamic Association for Palestine and HAMAS.  

While the United States has not designated CAIR as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, HAMAS has been on the Department of States list since 1987. CAIR has been listed as a terrorist organization in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) for supporting HAMAS. According to federal court documents,there is no question the government of the U.S believes CAIR is an association of HAMAS.

As mentioned earlier, Paul Galloway, (with whom several women from Williamson Strong have befriended), is one of the individuals to be concerned about. Mr Galloway, currently the director of the American Center for Outreach (ACO), and when convenient, the American Muslim Advisory Council(AMAC) was the founder and director of CAIR’s Houston chapter until 2006. The first trial of CAIR aka Hamas operatives began in that time period,in Dallas TX. Surely Mr Galloway was aware the organization he was director of was involved in funding  a designated terror organization.

Mr. Galloway also worked with a self admitted Muslim Brotherhood supporter, Mohammed Elibiary, also from Texas.  Mr. Elibiary and Mr Galloway worked together for the Freedom and Justice Foundation. Mr Elibiary was employed until 2014, by the U.S Department of Homeland Security as a Security Advisor to then Director Janet Napalitano.


out team

Elibiary quickly resigned from that position after drawing attention to his tweets in which he used the Muslim Brotherhood’s logo, R4bia.

me with r4bia

CAIR isnt the only unsavory terror organization Mr. Galloway has represented, in 2014, he attended and participated in the Muslim Student Associations annual conference. The MSA, is the number two named front group for the Muslim Brotherhood.

galloway at msa event

The Muslim Brotherhood’s “An Explanatory Memorandum on the Strategic Goal for the Group in North America has listed the groups they consider to be friends, in which the MSA, the Islamic Society for North America (ISNA) and the Islamic Association of Palestine now CAIR, are named.  That memo, was also introduced as evidence in the Holy Land Foundation trial.  (See entire document here  The Strategic Goal for North America ( Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto ) English Version)

The dismissive attitude of  some members of the Williamson County TN School Board is worrisome, as they are charged with the educating the youth and future of Tennessee. Terrorism is real, but McGraw, Peterson and Hullett seem to think it doesn’t exist in WIlliamson County. Just a reminder, the terrorist that killed  5 American service members in Chattanooga TN, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, worked in Williamson County, lived in Williamson County and prayed in Williamson County.

CAIR’s national director Nihad Awad, has even declared himself  to be a supporter of HAMAS.


The incursion of organizations into the United States with ties to terrorist organizations is real, whether we like it or not. It isn’t about bigotry, or hatred, it is about protecting and preserving our children’s future. Who could possibly be against that? 






Cathy Hinners







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One Response to Will Williamson County TN School Board Members Protect Your Children?

  1. wolf woman says:

    Awesome detective work, Cathy. Thanks.
    The ‘experts’ know nothing about the doctrine of Islam and jihad. Jihad is not just the violence, rape and murder of non-believers but also includes jihad of the pen, speech, money and immigration. The Islamic calendar starts with the Mohammedans migration to Medina. That’s a clue for the ‘experts’ about what’s going to come next but they’re too ignorant to know.

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