Time for Nashville’s Ikhwan Paul Galloway to Move Along..

In an article written by Paul Galloway titled “Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God”,  he writes “ The idea that Muslims and Christians worship different Gods is not only false, it’s dangerous“.  What is dangerous is the Tennessean newspaper published it without facts, relying only on the authors version, and that it is a lie. Galloway, a convert to Islam hails from Houston TX and now resides in Nashville TN.


Despite the efforts of the Islamists across America insisting Muslims and Christians worship the same God, no one believes it, so why do they continue to spew these lies? Two reasons, it is a religious obligation to perform Dawa, which is the proselytizing of Islam, or spreading the word, and  it is every “good ” Muslims requirement to attempt to bring non Muslims into Islam.

In the Methodology of Dawa, written by Shamim Siddiqui, it is  articulated on how and why Muslims perform Dawa, but it also reveals on several occasions that Islam is superior and Allah is the only entity.

“Call unto Allah” means surrender to Allah Who is the Creator, the Lawgiver and the Sustainer. It means to accept His authority in its totality in every walk of life. It advocates that sovereignty belongs to Allah alone and denies all authorities besides Him. Allah alone has the right to ask loyalty and obedience from a Muslim. Only Allah-given laws are to be accepted, practiced and implemented in an individual’s life and established in the society where the Muslims live. A joint and concerted effort of all Muslims in that direction is the direct sequence of call unto Allah. Surrendering to His authority and making His Deen dominant are the culminating points of the call unto Allah.   (pg 10 introduction)

Islam does not exist to be equal to other religions, and is evident in their own words. 



From Methodology of Dawa

The following are from the text book “What Islam is All About” written by Yahiya Emerick currently in use at the Annoor Academy in Knoxville TN.

These excerpts clearly show the mockery of Christianity. This is what Muslims in Tennessee are teaching their children.


Textbook “What Islam Is All About” page 60



Cover of Textbook



As much as their own words reveal the belief Islam is superior, thereby making their claim their god and the Christians God are the same,   Dawa and interfaith are becoming more aggressive due to the push back  from those that know and tell the truth. In Chapter IV page 46, is the following:


Read the entire document here:  MethodologyofDawah   

Did anyone let Mr. Galloway in on the fact he moved to the Buckle of the Bible belt, and the majority of Christians know the difference between his god and theirs? While the “interfaith” movement is progressing, it consists of the same disillusioned, disenfranchised, attend church once a year  crowd.

Mr Galloway’s background as a supporter of Muslim Brotherhood organizations, specifically the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR, which he founded and directed the Houston chapter), has been exposed time and time again and has diminished his credibility and effectiveness.    (below pictures: when he first arrived in TN Left, and Sept 2015.)



Perhaps Mr. Galloway needs another audience since Tennesseans have learned what his deceitful agenda is.  He’s beat, and it shows.


Cathy Hinners




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2 Responses to Time for Nashville’s Ikhwan Paul Galloway to Move Along..

  1. Matt Bracken says:

    Islam is a war and conquest strategy disguised as a religion to give it an edge over naïve suckers.
    Muslims are ordered to lie to “infidels” about Islam, in order to promote the spread of Islam.
    Any so-called “moderate Muslim” is either a non-practicing “Muslim in name only” (“cultural Muslim”) or he is practicing taqiyya, or holy deception for the purpose of spreading Islam.

  2. Jeff says:

    Thanks for this article. I am always troubled by those who feel that one can subscribe to any belief system and eventually lead to the same God. God does go by many names as the Bible points out but none of them are Budha, Shiva or Allah. Healer, redeemer, etc are examples of the other names of God. I know I am preaching to the choir here. So many people are deceived by this lie. Many reject Christianity because their human minds cannot comprehend all that God is as described in the Bible so they turn to other faiths. They are willing to embrace the weirdness of these false religions for reasons that escape me and which take much more imagination and faith than the relative simplicity of the God of the Bible.

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