Thank You CAIR

The horrific act of violence committed by two Islamic terrorists that pledged allegiance to ISIS was condemned by Muslims across the country with the same cookie cutter narrative as all the other terror attacks.

What’s slightly different this time is the tone of those condemnations, as Muslims express anger and shock, but not that two Muslims committed the act, but that they are targets that will suffer from backlash. Once again, the woe is me facade is dominating the conversation.

In Tennessee, Muslim leaders gathered to call for “unity and action”. Sabina Mohyaddin, a board member of the American Muslim Advisory council (AMAC), claims to be mortified, and assures the public they are solidifying their relationship with law enforcement. So the Muslims are going to allow their mosques to be surveilled, stop bringing the radical speakers to their mosques, and communicate with police when they suspect an issue within the community? Not quite. 

Their idea of “working with law enforcement” is asking for more police protection at their mosques. Their other idea of “working with law enforcement” is more sensitivity training so police understand their “religion”.

It would be comical if it were not so serious, but the very “leaders” rushing to be on TV are themselves supporters of Islamic terror organizations. In a statement released by the director of the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) in Tennessee, Paul Galloway reinforces Mohyaddin’s sentments that the violence must be stopped. (


Paul Galloway is from one of those Islamic terror organizations, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Galloway was the founder and director of the Houston chapter of CAIR and maintains relationships with known Muslim Brotherhood supporter, Mohammed Elibiary. Elibiary was an advisor in the U.S Dept of Homeland Security until he made several tweets agreeing the Islamic Caliphate should return. Galloway and Elibiary also worked together for Elibiary’s Freedom and Justice Foundation.

elibiary on caliphate return

Sabina Mohyuddin isn’t quite so naive either. In a presentation in Manchester TN in 2013, she opened her presentation referencing two Muslim Brotherhood organizations, the Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA) and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), that she believes “help American Muslims stay true to their religious values while being uniquely American.” Yes, Muslim Brotherhood organizations.


Ossama Bahloul, (pictured at podium), the Imam at the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro is truly the poster man for the Muslim Brotherhood. Bahloul came to Murfreesboro from Al Ahzar University in Cairo Egypt. Al Ahzar Universty is the top higher learning institution in Egypt, which promotes the ideology of ISIS.  (


Yes, Tennessee Muslim leaders want to stop the violence perpetrated by the use of guns. Perhaps Imam Ahmedulhadi Sharif of the Islamic Center of Tennessee missed that memo.

al sharif in gun store

But wait, while Muslims in Tennessee continue the victim narrative, the real truth of how the Islamists feel is revealed by the terror organization CAIR. In a Friday CNN interview, Hussam Ayloush, of the group’s Los Angeles chapter, said “American foreign policy has helped fuel the rage that drives Muslim radicals to kill in the name of their faith.” Ayloush said U.S. support for repressive regimes in the Middle East, including Egypt, “push people over to the edge.” (


Ah, finally the truth. Thank you CAIR for admitting Muslims kill in the name of their faith.  

Could CAIR send that message to their members and supporters in Tennessee?




Cathy Hinners



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3 Responses to Thank You CAIR

  1. Robert McClurkan says:

    And the scenario will continue, while the majority of Americans will not believe what is preached to them concerning the dangers that are imminent. Very clear and present dangers. The sleeping giant is still asleep.

  2. the Wolf says:

    Great post, Cathy.

    to Robert: The sleeping giant is waking up. And pigs are flying. My extremely non-political family oriented daughter called this morning and asked exactly what happened in San Bernadino and said it looked like her generation was going to have to take care of this problem. She said that obviously you can’t trust any Muslim, they all can go jihad at any time.

    • Robert McClurkan says:

      The “Sleeping Giant” was a remark that has been attributed to being made by Japan’s Naval Marshal General Isoroku Yamamoto after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve”. Whether or not he truly made that remark is unknown, however the “Sleeping Giant” had better wake up and hopefully has not overslept and now it be too late. Most “in the know” Americans have been awake for a long time and have known what was coming. It is apparent that our “so called” leadership does not know or they are in the know and want to see it happen
      He, who does not know and does not know he does not know, is a fool.
      Shun him.
      He, who does not know and knows he does not know, is simple.
      Teach him.
      He, who knows and does not know he knows, is asleep.
      Awaken him.
      He, who knows and knows he knows, is wise.
      Follow him.

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