Islamic Terror Strikes America..Again

For weeks, Islamic terrorists from various groups abroad have warned they were prepared to kill Americans on American soil. For weeks, FBI director James Comey has reinforced their warning by telling us there are ISIS operatives in every state, including 48 that the FBI has under 24 hour surveillance. That message seems to have been lost as David Bowdich, assistant director of the FBI’s field office in Los Angeles stated he “wouldn’t go down that road yet.”

AL-Qaida is also in America. In November of 2013 2 Iraqi “refugees” were arrested by the same FBI for attempting to send weapons back to Iraq to fight against American troops. The 2 Al-Qaida operatives were living in Bowling Green Kentucky.


Despite what the FBI and other officials have told us, they have yet to call the San Bernadino incident an Islamic terror attack, instead using words “workplace violence”.  All evidence points directly opposite to what they think Americans will buy. Fortunately, Americans are awakening to the real threat of Muslims in America.

In a bizarre twist to an already bizarre spin by media, Islamic terror organization, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), held a press conference which included the brother-in-law of one of the suspects. In typical CAIR fashion, they condemned the violence while fitting in that this act was not “Islamic”.


One only has to recall the Islamic terror attacks in Paris to clearly see a striking resemblance to San Bernadino.  Black clothing, check. Assault rifles,check. Multiple shooters,check. Soft target,check. Bombs,check. Get away vehicle,check. Islamists, check. 

Islamic terrorists vow they are coming to kill us. The American government , law enforcement and the media paint a different picture. Who do you believe? 


Al- Qaida Inspire Magazine Fall edition 2015


Al- Qaida Inspire Magazine Fall edition 2015

isis in america

ISIS Dabiq magazine 2015

Cathy Hinners



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