Muslims Say Islamophobia Behind Refugee Denial

Muslims say Islamophobia is why Americans are opposing 10,000 Syrians entering the United States.  Never mind the Islamic terror group ISIS has stated they will pose as refugees to enter this country. Disregard the warnings directly from ISIS leaders they are coming. Dismiss the fears from our largest law enforcement agency, the FBI, who states ISIS has cells in every state.  Really.

The insistence and determination by the Muslims in America to demand 10,000 Syrian refugees enter the United States is disturbing and very telling. Woven throughout their own stories of woeful victimization, are lectures and anecdotes chastising those who oppose the refugees at this time due to lack of proper vetting.  It has become very clear, the Muslim communities in America do not care about the safety and security of our nation. 

Once again, the truth has been perverted to align with their agenda. The outspoken and opposed are belittled and made to somehow feel guilty. Pictures of babies, children and mothers are posted across social media rather than the real refugees, who are predominately males, well built and defiant.


Yes, America was once a melting pot, accepting of those in need and suffering. Yes we took in the tired, the poor and huddled masses, but those were different times. Not only was the horrific violence from terrorists non existent, but refugees and immigrants came here, not to do harm, and destroy our foundation, but to assimilate, and become proud Americans.

Yes, the culture and traditions of ethnic groups were practiced among their communities, yes there were pockets of neighborhoods where they resided and became entrepreneurs , like Little Italy and Chinatown. But they were patriotic, they loved America and all it stood for. They spoke the language, and were proud of what they accomplished.

muslim majority city

Muslims in America are quite the contrary. Muslim neighborhoods have become no go zones in now Muslim majority cities. Muslims decry freedom of speech, defining it as hate  or Islamophobia if it is in opposition to their beliefs and ideas.  Muslims demand accommodations to fulfill their religious obligations, but yet take offense to others. Muslims command respect, yet give none.  Muslims want to implement their laws, which are completely antithetical to ours. Muslims want to indoctrinate our children , rather than assimilate their own. Muslims want their rights but  take away yours. Muslims want to celebrate their holidays, but are offended by Christmas and Easter. Muslims seek attention for all their good deeds, and they take over streets so you can see them pray.  Muslims want to live in America, but are unhappy they do.



Muslims in America may not desire to join  violent Islamic groups, but they don’t appear to possess the strength to fight them either. Condemnation is easy from a keyboard.

At such a volatile time in America, I agree and support those that have taken a stand to protect Americans from a siege that is sure to follow once  these refugees are settled within our borders.

America was founded on Judaeo Christian principles and religion   but other religions have been embraced and have thrived because there was no political agenda.  At no time in history has a “religion” sought to take over America, to change the very fabric which made it so great.

This is America, let’s stop apologizing for it.



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One Response to Muslims Say Islamophobia Behind Refugee Denial

  1. C James says:

    It’s simple, and before this is over and comes to a complete head we will be killing this scum in the streets, and penning the cages where all Muslims belong. Never in my lifetime would I have guessed one we would elect a Muslim
    Traitor as president and come to the place where we would have to kill these traitors to survive. .

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