Why The Islamization of America is Beginning, Part 1

Do not believe for one second ISIS wants America to “hate Muslims”. That is the latest in a string of narratives put forth by the Muslim communities across America. By supporting the decision to halt Syrian refugees, we have somehow become proxy sympathizers to the ISIS cause, playing into their hands by our hatred of Muslims. That hatred then drives young Muslims to join Islamic terror groups, which Muslims claim, are killing more Muslims than any other group.

The truth is, by stopping Syrians who have vowed to enter Europe and the United States under the guise of refugees, their mission has been disrupted. In order for the Islamic caliphate to be reestablished, the population of Muslims must be great in numbers.  What better way to reach this goal, then to continually flood our nation with Muslims. It is Islamic history in the making.

To understand how history is repeating itself, one must understand it to begin with. Muslims believe there is only one God, Allah, who through the Prophet Muhammad revealed the words of the Quran. The traditions and sayings of the prophet are contained in the Sunnah and the Hadiths. This making the trilogy of books most important to Muslims. In order for a Muslim to be “good”, they must imitate his life, as prescribed by those books.

In summary, the early years of Mohammed, described as his years in Mecca, he was peaceful and while he desired to convert others to Islam, he accepted those that practiced their own religion, which led to a very small number of Muslims. On his hijra to Yathrib (Medina), Muhammad rejected the offer of peaceful co-existence.  His religion was obviously intended to dominate others, not to be equal. It was in Medina that Islam became a political and military ideology.  Before his death, non believers (infidels) were evicted or enslaved, and converted under the threat of death if they did not.

Put into context, this is what is occurring throughout the world today. Here in America, Muslims have been performing Dawa, (spreading the word of Islam) in the hopes of bringing all people to it. Dawa is a religious obligation that every “good” Muslim must perform.  This is why interfaith forums are so important, as are doing good deeds within their communities. Making non believers see the goodness and oneness of their religion. In addition to Dawa, Muslims must strive to live by Islamic law, not man made law, which Muhammad rejected.

Today, ISIS is showing the world the return of their caliphate ( an Islamic state) commanded by the Prophet. Non Muslims are being slaughtered if conversion is rejected, and Sharia (Islamic Law) is not adhered to. As their numbers grow, they conquer more land.  It is happening in Europe, and is now happening in America.

Watch for Part 2, How the Islamization of America is Occurring.


Cathy Hinners












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3 Responses to Why The Islamization of America is Beginning, Part 1


    Thank you for putting thr realization of this problem in uncomplicated language everyone understands.


    ‘thr’ should have been ‘the’


    These folks only need to have their hold once, we need to make every attempt to disallow it always.

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