Why Do Muslims In America Want The Refugees?

Why should America take in thousands of Syrian refugees? Setting aside the notion a good percentage of these all male refugees want to kill us, why is it the responsibility of our country to take in people that will have no loyalty to America? Muslims may have no loyalty to anything or anyone other than their prophet Muhammad.


(Drost Kokoye, she herself a Kurdish refugee, shows her loyalty to the country that embraced her and her family)

Muslims across America are indignant and offended by the show of support our elected officials are receiving for demanding  the resettlement of Syrians be halted until we can confirm who they are. As “American” Muslims, their lack of concern for the safety and security of our country is troubling. Why would they oppose a system to ensure these men are who they say they are? The fact is, ISIS, the Islamic terror group has vowed to infiltrate refugee “families” so they can enter the U.S undetected.



majority are muslims

While claiming  that ISIS has killed more Muslims than any other group,  Muslims in America rigorously oppose any efforts that would keep ISIS out.  Keeping ISIS out of the United States should be a priority to Muslims in America since they claim to be ISIS’s number one victim.   So what conclusion is left to be made?

Perhaps the Muslims in America do in fact wish to live under Islamic law. Appealing for thousands of Syrian operatives of ISIS to enter under the guise of refugees will surely fast forward the United States to an Islamic State, The Caliphate. Is this what the Muslims want?  It might be.

elibiary on caliphate return


elibiary on sharia is good 2015

Former U.S Dept of Homeland Security advisor.




Cathy Hinners




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3 Responses to Why Do Muslims In America Want The Refugees?

  1. usar4me says:

    As a percentage of the population Christians and non-muslims are being murdered and assaulted at a greater rate than Muslims. Muslims are 90% of the population Christians are around 5% or less so for every 100 deaths by ISIS 90 should be Muslim and 5 Christian… however it is more like 70 Muslims to 30 Christians.

  2. the Wolf says:

    Islam is a complete civilization. It is a religion based on belief in the arabic god allah and mohammed as his prophet; a tribal culture of honor and shame; and a political system based on a caliphate and sharia law. Any “good” muslim must support all these things, like the muslim brotherhood and their organization, cair and the isis jihadis do.

  3. David says:

    Spot on as usual!

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