Williamson County TN School Board Member Tells Those Concerned About Islam To “Pack Up and Move”

**UPDATED** Due to complaints the 4 minutes of Mr. Hulletts oration were edited, please see the entire video below.  If you would like to fast forward to his comment, it begins at 1:27:16

Across the state of Tennessee there are parents and communities speaking out against Islamic indoctrination in their children’s classrooms, which stems from textbooks laden with misinformation, and in some cases lies. This isn’t just a Tennessee problem though, Americans across the country are awakening to the Islamic threat which seeks to destroy our democracy only to be replaced by Sharia law.

School boards across the state have been inundated with complaints regarding the way Islam is portrayed in the classroom and the assignments that completely step over the line. Several boards have listened to those concerns and have taken steps to diminish the fear, and ultimately prevent any form of indoctrination years later.

Maury County TN is one example, and one that should be followed. This past week the school board approved a resolution to be sent to the TN General Assembly concerning the current policy on religion in schools. This, after listening to the concerns parents and community members have on Islamic indoctrination. They recognize that while “indoctrination” does not occur overnight, it has the potential to plant a seed which could sprout down the road.

Unfortunately,Williamson County which borders Maury County, had quite a different outcome at their school board meeting. A proposal for a resolution had been discussed, but was then taken off the table to be brought up again at a later date.  What occurred during this meeting by a member of the school board was not only a disgrace, but should be grounds for his removal. Disrespecting not only the school board member that proposed the resolution, but those residents who agree. During a recent work session Robert “Bobby” Hullett who represents district 7 in Williamson County, smeared those that have concerns regarding the sanitized, untruthful version of Islam presented in student’s textbooks.

The video clip below is 4 minutes of Hullett’s unhinged rant.

How dare this school board member suggest “anybody” who has a legitimate concern regarding the contents of their child’s education be told to “pack up and move”. In his rattled state, Hullett continually made the naive, uninformed statement there is no Islamic problem in Williamson County.

On July 16 2015, Muhammad Youseff Abdulazeez shot and killed 5 American soldiers  at a Marine Recruiting Center in Chattanooga TN.  3 months prior to the savage killing, Abdulazeez worked at Superior Essex, located in…Williamson County.  During that time Abdulazeez attended prayer service at the Islamic Center of ..Williamson County, which just happens to be located next door to a Marine Recruiting Center at the Carrothers Parkway location.


In a statement on the Williamson County Schools page, Hullett states “I feel I have a solid grasp on the values of our county and state, and they are not represented in this resolution or in the incendiary words you might hear from the small handful of educational and social arsonists who publicly seek to destroy what the majority of this county holds so dear…our schools and educational communities.” 

Obviously he doesn’t grasp the values of our country, which was  founded on the Christian-Judaeo religion, which is currently under attack.  Mr. Hullett  may hold dear “our schools and educational communities”, however the majority of parents and community members that are speaking out hold dear the children. They are what matters.

Guessing Mr. Hullett will declare nothing has happened in Williamson County, the bottom line is Williamson County is not immune to the Islamic indoctrination being exposed in other counties, it just hasn’t reared its ugly head enough. Yet.

Mr. Hullett needs to be reminded who he is accountable to and  who he was elected by. Kicking the can, or in this case the resolution down the road is not only irresponsible but dangerous. Just because Mr. Hullett doesn’t think it’s happening doesn’t mean it isn’t.


Cathy Hinners

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  1. turbothink says:

    He needs to resign. That type of attitude on a school board is not acceptable. They are elected to REPRESENT the views of the people not some uninformed opinion he might have.

    • james4vs10 says:

      You’re exactly right turbothink. Hullett is too stupid to be involved in Education. The Children of Williamson County (my son used to be one) deserve a School System that ANTICIPATES Disruption, and puts Policies in Place in ADVANCE of the Appearance of a Problem that is ALREADY IN THE STATE, and most CERTAINLY will soon be, if it is not already, IN WILLIAMSON COUNTY SCHOOLS. Poplar Grove was totally crapped on by a failure of the County to recognize the INVASION of the School System by Illegals and their Supporters, especially THEN Governor Don Sundquist, who facilitated Williamson County, especially Franklin, as a Sanctuary Community for the Invading Filth. STOP IT NOW, or Be OVERWHELMED WITH IT LATER. Hullett apparently thinks that Williamson County is ISOLATED from the rest of the world. Drag him out by his feet, unconscious, if necessary, but get rid of him.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, Mr. Hullett doesn’t not think that WilCo is isolated from the rest of the world. He is simply doing what his job requires… that is voting the way the vast majority of his constituents want him to.

    • Scot Fahey says:

      as he will not resign. he needs to be removed from office, as local law permits

  2. turbothink says:

    It is easy in Tennessee to recall a school board member. Check out the rules.

    • Anonymous says:

      It actually isn’t. We’ve been trying to recall the tea party nuts on the board since they were elected.

      • Steve says:

        Tea Party Nuts?…Why is it that when someone has a different point of view, some feel the need to resort to name calling and tagging them as off, nutty, whacky, or what ever the adjective is. If you are so insecure with your positions that you feel the need to label someone as a nut because you have a different view point, then YOU are the nut. We all have differences in opinion. And that’s OK.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s appropriate in this case. If you read the evidence, HAVE A KID WHO HAS GONE THROUGH THE CURRICULUM SO YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS TAUGHT, you know for a FACT that there is no indoctrination of Islam going on in our school system. To insinuate such is either uninformed or … nuts. I’m all for the opinions that differ from mine. But this is different. The school board member proposing this insists this is an issue for our school district despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. She hasn’t gone into one of our schools to see how this is taught. If you were part of our school system and had a kid in middle school, you’d know this just isn’t a real problem in our district.

  3. Teri says:

    Is there any way to get his address? This man is speaking out of pure ignorance and short sightedness. At my expense, I would like to send him a copy of Nonie Darwish’s book. I read it 5 years ago when I lived near Toronto. There was no talk of ISIS or muslim immigration or refugees. This book is an eye-opening lesson from an ex-muslim from Egypt who now lives in America and is trying to warn us.

  4. Hugh Akston says:

    Actually it’s very difficult to recall a school board member in Tennessee or our community would have done so along time ago with Susan Curlee.

    The putrid Cathy Hinners is once again sticking her beak across the county line into o a community she’s not part of and giving her two cents on curriculum for schools she couldn’t find without google maps. Mr. Hulled is quite correct in his comments and the Williamson County School Board should be focusing on Williamson County issues lest it turn into a Maury County with its corresponding school performance, property values, and unemployment rates. Nooooooo thank you.

    • some that matters says:

      islam is an issue herre too i don’t want my children learning it if they can’t put god back in schools then islam shouldn’t be there either.

      • Hugh Akston says:

        Because the more ignorant of the outside world they are, the better off they’ll be right?

        For Heaven’s sake, if they learn the basic beliefs of another religion and culture, do you know what could happen!!!??

        No seriously, do you know what could happen. I’m trying to understand the actual concern outside of knee jerk xenophobia.

  5. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, his agenda is to vote the way that represents the vast majority of people in his community… which he did.

      • Anonymous says:

        SHUT UP! STUPID!

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow, that’s effective. Check out his page if you think I’m wrong. OVERWHELMING support from folks actually in the district… parent and teachers and such. This effort is turning him into somewhat of an advocacy hero.

      • Anonymous says:

        Islam not a problem? Where have you been? For our children beintg required to learn the 5 pillars of Islam and write “Allah is the only God ” IS a problem'”

    • Kim Smith says:

      I agree. His response is too over the top for it to be random. he has most likely been contacted by CAIR or some other islamic group. If he had nothing personally invested then a resolution to prohibit all religion should not cause this amount of discord. Only when people have an investment for their own personal agenda do they respond like this. This man has some unknown reason for this strong of a response, and if I was a parent I would file a lawsuit. All religious study is against the law, and what is in Common Core is religious indoctrination based on lies.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow, you are all a special kind of Conspiracy Theory Crazies. Please pack up and move out of Tennessee.

    • Anonymous says:

      You need to see what’s happening in Europe you moron! Since you are using “anonymous”, I can only assume your name is mohamed. Go back to your God-forsaken land where it’s ok to rape a 6 year old and throw gays off of buildings…leave us Tennesseans alone!!

    • turbothink says:

      Anonymous, I was born in Tennessee, live in Tennessee the majority of my life except when in college and still here. I am going NOWHERE. I am dedicated to changing what is wrong and will NOT move anywhere. WHY do you use anonymous to post. Put your real name out there if you are so adamant about Islam being taught and informed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Like sam Elliott states “you’re a special kind of stupid” get out in the world and see for yourself.

  7. Brad says:

    That POS needs top pack up and move to the middle east so he live with more of these savages. I hope after the first child is raped by these Muslim the public hangs this traitor.

    • Randy Hill says:

      The Religion of Peace and Tolerance
      By Randy D. Hill


      Talk of Islam is a focal point in much of today’s society. Information and misinformation abound regarding the nature of this religion. To exacerbate attempts to understand Islam its adherents seem unable to give straight forward answers about their beliefs.

      I am not a scholar of Islamic teaching. I have studied the Qur’an and attempted to glean understanding from dialogue with Muslims—a big mistake—but I offer factual information free from my own biases as much as possible. Many American Muslims—converts—come out of prisons. Few have ever opened a Qur’an and know nothing about the teachings past what they have been told by an Imam. Muslims of Middle Eastern or Arabic decent will tell you what they believe. But, if you ask about certain Qur’anic passages you will probably be told that the English translations lose something. This is a major defense when a non-believer begins citing passages.

      I am a Catholic. As a Christian, I try to accept others on faith and this is what got me involved in the study of Islam. I made friends with a Palestinian Muslim visiting family here in the U.S. He had visited many Christian churches (mostly fundamentalist or Pentecostal who spoke in tongues or rolled in the floor), and he was terribly confused. We talked for many hours on the subject and I invited him to Mass.

      Following the Mass, he was excited and happy. He realized that Christians seek peace and are not geared to harm others. Our “sign of peace” when members shook his hand and offered him peace meant a lot to him. He invited me to Jumu’ah (Friday prayers). Unlike the friendliness of my Catholic brothers and sisters at Mass, I was basically ignored. To his chagrin, no one spoke to me or welcomed me.

      When he left for his home in the Holy Land he gave me his Qur’an. I’m not trying to bore you to death, just giving a “Qur’anic timeline” for my acquisition of the Qur’an. This occurred in 1997. I have read it and studied the history of Muhammad, the Qur’an, and Islam. The Qur’an I was given was printed by The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Qur’an in Saudi Arabia. The Qur’an has been translated into multiple languages. The English edition I own was translated by Ustadh ABDULLAH YUSUF ALI. His translation is considered the ultimate in English by most Arab scholars—though factions will dispute this.

      A simple glossary of Arabic terms follows this writing. I have made every effort to utilize English words unless the Arabic is more prevalent to most people. In other words, you may have heard it but wonder just what does it really mean. I will attempt to remain neutral but having invested so much time into this research I admit that my viewpoint on Islam is somewhat skewed.


      To learn about Islam one must know something about its founder, Muhammad. It is believed that Muhammad was born in A.D. 570. In Islam, Muhammad is considered to be God’s (Allah in Arabic) last and final messenger and Prophet. Purportedly, Muhammad while in the cave of Hira began receiving divine revelations from God through the angel Gabriel. Since the messages came directly from God, the Qur’an is considered the perfect text and true word of God. Qur’anic teaching is the divine teaching along with the traditional sayings and teachings of Muhammad (the Hadith). Muslims follow the law of ethics and morals contained in the Sharia.

      Muhammad faced dire opposition to his teachings by many and fled to Mecca. To skip much of the specifics, he eventually led his followers in battle against his detractors. Murder of captives was—as today—the expected course of action. Much is said about Muhammad’s second marriage (he is believed to have been married to thirteen different women) to a 6 year old child (his second wife) but that is for another day. Muhammad was illiterate. Being unable to read or write, Muhammad recited the Qur’anic text to scribes over a period of years. There is much more that can be written but not here and now. Muhammad died A.D. June 8, 632.


      Islam literally means “submission” or submission to God. Islam spread through the early lands by conquest and occupation. Today there are 50+ Islamic states in the world. Islam claims to have 1.5 billion adherents worldwide. It is the second largest religion and fastest growing. It consists of multiple races, colors, and national origins; so claims of racism against those adverse to Islam is hard to understand. One does well to remember that the majority of Muslims are non-Arabic.

      There are several sects in Islam but the major two are Sunni and Shiah. The largest denomination is Sunni (ISIS for example). The Shiah branch—as well as the other sects—has basic doctrinal differences which separate them (see the glossary). Much of our news coverage speaks of fanatics and terrorists—stories designed to remove the Islamic connotation from the horrors being committed.

      The sad truth is that these are fundamentalists. They are following the Qur’an to the letter. Islam considers Muhammad to be the final and greatest of the Prophets. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus—among other Holy Bible personages–are early Prophets. Muslims believe that the Torah (the first five books of the Jewish bible), the Psalms, Gospels, and Revelations are holy. But all these text are flawed, thus the Qur’an was delivered to correct the errors. For the adherents of Islam, enlightenment is a key issue—though it is sought in ways not conducive to peace and tolerance.

      The Qur’an

      The Qur’an is the holiest book in Islam. It consists of 114 chapters (suras) which are divided into verses (aiyat). The remainder of this document will deal with specific text taken directly from the Qur’an. But in order to set the stage for the application of Qur’anic instruction we will post one New Testament instruction. Around 600 years before Muhammad brought the “message of God” to the people; we were warned about such “Prophets.”

      Our God, in His infinite wisdom, warned us not to fall for the messages of the false teachers and Prophets. Some who read this may be atheists or have a different belief system. This isn’t an attempt to “make new Christians” it is a comparison between historical documents. No matter your position on a Supreme Being, or lack of one, the historical facts dictate the events occurring today.

      The New Testament is the collection of texts guiding the beliefs of Christians. No writing in the New Testament demands we use violence to convert others to our beliefs. The text calls for us to love one another. The history of Christianity is the Old Testament. The Jewish writings (the Tanakh) consist of the Pentateuch—the first five books in the Bible (the Torah); the Prophets and the Writings. The Qur’an calls Jews and Christians the “people of the book.” (See: Qur’an 3: 64-80). All others are merely non-believers.

      We are warned in the New Testament to avoid the false teachers and Prophets. The passages tell us that we will be able to recognize these deceivers because they will deny that Jesus is the Son of God. (See: Matthew 24: 11, 14, and 24) (1 Timothy 4:1) (2 Peter 2: 1-3) (Jude 4). This will become very important later in this discussion.

      Love is not mentioned in the Qur’an, and passages on peace reflect solely on dealing with those who accept Islam. (See: 49: 9). The Qur’an makes no effort to establish acceptance of other religions. Islam and the universal acceptance of Allah, is the only means of achieving tolerance. The desire of Christian leaders to develop a dialogue with Islam is commendable. The time would be better served praying for more conversions to Christianity.

      Why would I reject a peaceful, heartfelt attempt to reconcile with the adherents of Islam? Hopefully, after reading the rest of this text it will become clear; it isn’t me with a mind to rejection. But to liken it to a base explanation let’s just say, in order to bring peace among different factions Christians were going to have to reject the Holy Bible, would it be a viable option? So let’s look at the Qur’an “the last and perfect text from God proclaimed by the last and greatest Prophet.”

      Mary, the mother of Jesus, is mentioned in the Qur’an more than any other person. Her son Jesus was a great Prophet—but not the Son of God, he was just a man. (See: 5: 75). Remember what I said earlier on false Prophets? In fact, to say that Jesus is the Son of God is blasphemy in Islam. (See: 5: 72). Don’t worry though; just believing in the Trinity is blasphemy. (See: 5: 73). There is no mistaking the fact that Islam abhors our “taking Christ not Allah.” (See: 9: 31).

      Many Muslims will point out that though the Qur’an states that Islam is in enmity with the Jews and pagans (sorry, witches, atheists, druids, etc.); it states that Muslims are nearest in brotherhood to Christians. This sounds good but it is only true if we accept Muhammad as the great Prophet—which we cannot do. (See: 5: 82).

      Without going into much detail we can rest assured that Islam desires converts. But the problem falls where individuals do not wish to convert. Islam is basically a black and white ideology. It limits its focus to three goals regarding non-believers or people of the book. These three are making converts, forcing into submission (Jizya), or destroying those who refuse the first two.

      Though the issue of Dhimmi (the subjugated payer of the Jizya), (See: 9: 29) is being used in Muslim countries; the world is more familiar with the means of destroying the infidels used by Muslims. Remember, the vile acts of ISIS, al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and others are not new, psychotic acts; they are straight from the Qur’an.

      Islam—or more accurately Allah—hates transgressors. (See: 2: 190). Muslims are to seek an “eye for an eye.” (See: 3: 140). Those who reject Islam are to be slayed. (See: 2:191). In Jihad, Muslims must be prepared to fight—the lie that jihad is strictly an academic argument should be dispelled by definitions in the glossary. (See: 2: 243). Muslims are better off fighting the transgressors (2: 216) (4: 95); for Allah will reward them. (See: 4: 74).

      The Qur’an says Israel is like donkeys. (See: 62: 5). The view that the Jews are guilty of gross iniquities helps in placing them in permanent odds with Islam. (See: 4: 160). Fighting, again, is the accepted means of dealing with those who fail to convert or submit. (See: 9: 14). The manner of conducting the fight is specifically laid out in the Qur’an consistent with the wrath of Allah. (See: 5: 60). The Qur’an prescribes what is just and Allah loves the just. (See: 60: 8). Allah is merciful to his followers. (See: 4: 96).

      The Qur’an commands Muslims to slay nonbelievers since there is no compulsion to believe. (See: 4: 92) (2: 256). The unfaithful are to be purged. (3: 141). There is no doubt that judgment is assured. (5: 50). So, what exactly does the Qur’an say regarding the manner of slaying the infidels? The Qur’an instructs followers to put terror into the hearts of the unbelievers and to “smite them at the neck and fingertips.” (8: 12) (47: 4). These are but two passages regarding the mode of killing infidels which are being done even now in the world.

      It is hard to understand the so called moderate Muslims. What position they might take if backed into a corner is very much up in the air. For Christians, the Bible has no commandments to harm nonbelievers. Anyone who uses the teachings of the New Testament to judge others or to physically attack others is not a Christian. But the Qur’an specifically instructs conduct for these situations. The Qur’an instructs that followers should fight until all religion becomes Allah’s. (See: 8: 39).


      It is for certain that this is not a major exposition on the matter of Islam. Scholars would be quick to attack my lack of philosophical insight into the subject. But I am not so much concerned with my failings. I am taking the factual events of our day and applying the relevant teachings being used to justify the actions of the adherents of Islam.

      Islam claims 1.5 billion adherents worldwide. If one half of one percent of that number (a low figure according to some experts) is involved in the terror business; that would total out to 7,500,000. It only took two for the Boston Marathon to be turned into a horror story. The events of 9/11 happened with the concerted efforts of 11 hijackers. Imagine a world with 7,500,000 people wanting each of us dead.

      Muslims in America didn’t come out in force protesting the actions committed in the name of Islam. They pushed for protection from “hate crimes.” I personally do not remember reading about Muslims here—or anywhere in the world—being murdered or attacked over these events. Muslims claim racism and “Islamophobia” from anyone who speaks against Islam. The United Nations is being pushed to promulgate an international law making it an international crime to speak ill of Islam or the Prophet Muhammad. This is not being pushed by radicals but by members of those 50+ Islamic states.

      Our very own president says it is wrong to speak against Islam. He apologizes to Muslims after four U.S. citizens are killed in Benghazi, Libya. The Palestinians, who attack Israel for its efforts to protect its citizens, have never had a homeland. The facts are that they were expelled by all the other Arabic countries. Israel has no issue with them settling in the west bank. Israel just doesn’t want to be attacked constantly. Granted, all this is relatively new for Americans—we are just a little over 200 years old—but this conflict has been going on since Islam came into existence.

      I would not advise anyone to form an opinion on Islam based on this information. I have deep seated views on the matter. Wanting Islam to join the world community in peace and acceptance is noble. Is it possible? Who among us would put his neck on the chopping block in an effort to prove how much we want to trust Muslims? Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, and others, are persecuted, tortured and murdered daily. Infants to teens are killed. These are the facts, not conservative propaganda.

      We all must become educated to the threats around us. In the pre-Civil War south odds are that an escaped slave would be leery of any white person he saw. Granted, some whites would have been happy to help him while others would beat him and return him to his owner. Since he can’t be sure what would he do? Until Muslims stand up against terror and join us, we must watch all of them closely. It is a sad truth but necessary in today’s violent world.

      For an analogy, say that you are placed in a dark room with only a walking stick. One hundred snakes are released into the room. Seven of those are deadly. What will you do when you feel one slithering across your foot? Will you try to make friends—in case the snake is peaceful—or will you use the stick? If your desire is to be nice and seek friendship, will this spread among the snakes so acceptance will grow strong? It is your decision to make not mine.

      So spend some time learning about this matter. Research the various aspects of Islam in our modern society. Look at other nations and what they are facing. Simply put, become informed. And above all, if you are Christian, pray. Pray for the oppressed, the victims, yourself and the people who commit these heinous acts.

      Basic Glossary of Arabic Terms

      1. Allah—the Arabic name of God.
      2. Allahu Akbar—“Allah is the greatest.” Islamic expression.
      3. Aqidah—the Islamic creed or the six articles of faith; the belief in God, Angels, Messengers and Prophets, scriptures, the Day of Judgment, and destiny.
      4. As-Salamu’ Alaykum—the Islamic greeting, literally “Peace be upon you.”
      5. Ayah—a verse in the Qur’an.
      6. Caliphate—(caliph) literally “successor”; refers to the successor of the Prophet Muhammad, the ruler of an Islamic state.
      7. Dhimmi—“subjugated person,” Jews and Christians (and sometimes others…), living in an Islamic state who must pay special taxes and whose right to practice their religion is subject to strict control under Islamic law.
      8. Fatwa—legal opinion of an alim (scholar) binding on him and on those who follow his taqlid (opinion).
      9. Fiqh—jurisprudence built around the Shari’ah by custom (al-urf). Literally means “deep understanding” refers to understanding the Islamic laws.
      10. Hadith—plural ahadith, literally “speech”; recorded saying or tradition of the Prophet Muhammad validated by isnad; with sira these comprise the Sunnah and reveal Shari’ah.
      11. Hajj—Pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime if possible. The fifth Pillar of Islam to Sunnis.
      12. Imam—literally, leader, e.g. A man who leads a community or leads the prayer; the Shia sect use the term only as a title for one of the twelve Allah-appointed successors of Prophet Muhammad.
      13. Islam—“Submission to God”. The Arabic root word for Islam means submission, obedience, peace, and purity.
      14. Isnad—chain of transmitters of any given hadith.
      15. Jihad—struggle. Any earnest striving in the way of God– involving personal, physical–for righteousness and against wrongdoing.
      16. Jihad al Saghir—Offensive jihad declared by a caliph.
      17. Jihad al talab—Offensive jihad.
      18. Jihad al daf’a—Defensive jihad.
      19. Jihad bil mal—Financial jihad.
      20. Jihad bis saif—literally “struggle by the sword,” holy war.
      21. Jizya—A tax specified in the Qur’an (9: 29) to be paid by non-Muslim males living under Muslim political control.
      22. Jumu’ah—Friday prayer.
      23. Kitman—to tell a partial truth.
      24. Maruna—Flexibility to blend in with the enemy.
      25. Muwahhid Muslim– The transliteration of the term “Muwahhid” comes in various forms, including Muwahid, Mowahhid. In Its plural form they may be described as Muwahhidun, Muwahhideen or simple Muwahhids. Some female Muwahhid Muslims refer to themselves as Muwahhidah. The closest translation of Muwahhid into English would correspond to “Unitarian Muslim”, and some Muwahhids who anglicize their affiliation call themselves as such.
      26. Muslim—a follower of the religion of Islam. One who submits their will to Allah (God).
      27. Qur’an—the word Qur’an (Koran) means recitation. Muslims believe the Qur’an to be the literal word of God and the culmination of God’s revelation to mankind revealed to the Prophet Muhammad in the year AD 610 in the cave Hira by the angel Jibril (Gabriel).
      28. Salaf— The Salafi movement, also known as the Salafi methodology, Salafist movement, or even Salafism, is a movement within Islam that takes its name from the term salaf (“predecessors”, “ancestors”) used to identify the earliest Muslims, who, its adherents believe, provide the epitome of Islamic practice. The popular hadith that quotes Muhammad as saying ‘The people of my own generation are the best, then those who come after them, and then those of the next generation,’ is seen as a call to Muslims to follow the example of those first three generations, the salaf. The strong plurality of Muslims in Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia are Salafists. 46.87% of Qataris and 44.8% of Emiratis are Salafis. 5.7% of Bahrainis are Salafis and 2.17% of Kuwaitis are Salafis.
      29. Salat—Ritual prayer five times a day. The second Pillar of Islam to Sunnis.
      30. Sawm—Fasting and self-control during the holy month of Ramadan. The third Pillar of Islam to Sunnis.
      31. Shahada–The testimony of faith. There is no god except Allah. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. The first Pillar of Islam to Sunnis.
      32. Shari’ah—“the path to a watering hole.” The eternal ethical code and moral code based on the Qur’an and Sunnah; basis of fiqh.
      33. Shiah—(Shiite) a branch of Islam who believe in Imam Ali and his sons (Hassan and Hussayn) as custodians of Islam by the will of the Prophet Muhammad.
      34. Silm—Submission.
      35. Sirah—plural sira; life or biography of the Prophet Muhammad; his moral example—with hadith this comprises the Sunnah.
      36. Sunni—the largest denomination of Islam. The word Sunni comes from the word Sunnah, which means the words and actions or example of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.
      37. Surah—chapter. The Qur’an is composed of 114 suras.
      38. Tawhid—monotheism; affirmation of the oneness of Allah. Muslims regard this as the first part of the Pillar of Islam; the second part is accepting Muhammad as rasoul (messenger).
      39. Tawriya—concealing.
      40. Wahhabism—or Wahhabi Mission is a religious movement or sect, or form of Sunni Islam. Variously described as “orthodox”, “ultraconservative”, “austere”, “fundamentalist”, “puritanical” (or “puritan”), describes an Islamic “reform movement” to restore “pure monotheistic worship”, or an “extremist pseudo-Sunni movement”. Adherents often object to the term Wahhabi or Wahhabism as derogatory, and prefer to be called Salafi or muwahhid. The majority of the world’s Wahhabis are from Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia. 46.87% of Qataris and 44.8% of Emiratis are Wahhabis. 5.7% of Bahrainis are Wahhabis and 2.17% of Kuwaitis are Wahhabis.
      41. Zakat—tax, alms, tithe as a Muslim duty—giving 2.5% of savings to the poor and needy. Sunnis regard this as the fourth Pillar of Islam. Neither charity nor derived from Islamic economies, but a religious duty and social obligation.

      Hill and Associates
      Randy D. Hill
      (256) 734-2388

    • Anonymous says:

      I could understand your post if Mr. Hullett advocated for raping children. Instead, he’s advocating on behalf of the overwhelming majority of parents and students in his district who want the curriculum to remain as it has been with zero indoctrination of Islam. But calling for the rape of his first child sounds like a very Christian response.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow. Do you mind sharing which Christian church you belong to that makes you feel good to hope for a person’s first child to be raped?

    • Hugh Akston says:

      What a wonderful example of Christian virtue you are Brad.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is a bunch of ginned-up nonsense, courtesy of a few bigots from surrounding counties trying to stir up some xenophobic hate. Unfortunately, this circus is able to sell some tickets.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Recall the idiot

  10. Anonymous says:

    You spelled Judeo-Christian wrong.

    • Anonymous' Daddy says:

      On Bobby Hullett’s homepage he pronounced out loud for all to see that he is a Conservative and a Christian, yet you defend him here? Hypocrisy being your lifeblood, what does the air you breath consist of? The left sure makes it hard to mock them because they do such a fine job of it on their own.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Only one “r” in Carothers.

  12. Ed says:

    He needs to be reminded of the Battle of Athens in 1946. He should be fired immediately. Common core teaching is and has damaged our children’s learning. Islam and our history are falsely represented by the unconstitutional federal Board of Education. For of you so uninformed and defending his remarks, you had better do an internet search and see what the musim immigrant invasion is doing to Europe at this very moment and remember Obama is bringing 200,000 more of these jihadists here. Pull you head out.

    • Ed says:

      correction, Third sentence beginning should read, “For those of you…”

    • Anonymous says:

      Hhhmmmmm. He can’t be fired from an elected position, first of all. My child went through this exact curriculum. Instead of sympathizing with the jihadist, this teenager gets up earlier than most on Sundays to teach at her Christian Sunday school class. Since you brought up Common Core (which is an initiative of the governors of the US, not the President, by the way), my child is also a great example of how this way of teaching – particularly with math – is resulting in this generation of learners to greatly excel academically.

      • some that matters says:

        Most Children can’t even do the common core math so how is it to help them academically

      • Anonymous says:

        Please show proof that “Most Children can’t even do the common core math” or am I to believe everything on the internet?

      • Anonymous says:

        I think what you meant to say was: “Most adults can’t do common core math because they are too busy complaining about it”

      • Anonymous says:

        Please show proof that your child is excelling BECAUSE of Common Core, particularly, Math.

      • Anonymous says:

        I would love to. A little hard on a comment reply, but in short, her learning curve with more advanced math is much shorter due to the fact that she understands the ‘why’ behind the concept rather than just having memorized some formula. It’s a deeper understanding, and they are able to do much deeper in depth teaching. You should visit a math classroom anywhere from 6 – 12 grade next time you’re in town – it’s fascinating.

      • turbothink says:

        Anonymous, you are SO uninformed. YES, a school board member can be recalled and it is not that hard to do in a small town or county. Many have been recalled successfully all over Tennessee. You are also uniformed about the ages. This is 6th and 7th grade students NOT teenagers. That is why the legislators are looking at making it not available until junior or senior year in high school. Please try to keep up if you are going to keep disputing these people’s posts.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, but last I checked, you have to get through 6th and 7th grade to make it to high school, so perhaps I do know a little about what was taught during those years… for my high schooler AND current middle schooler. The high school comment was in response to the bunny trail the other person started about Common Core… Yes, I’m keeping up. Thanks for making sure.

  13. aderedit says:

    Kathy, Robert Hullett is my district member. Please try to be constructive and rigorously truthful. Treat others as you would like to be treated. And remember the Rotary Four-away test: Is it true? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build good will and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

    Let’s uphold the values of American citizenship in our public discourse.

  14. ruthderedita says:

    Sorry, Kathy–Did not mean for that not to reflect my name–an old WordPress account. Ruth D’Eredita, Brentwood TN, mom of BMS and BHS students

  15. Anonymous says:

    The United States of America was not founded as a Christian nation or as any other religious nation. It tries over and over again to separate church and state. History , confusingly, sometimes mentions religion as a motivating factor for historic events.

    • turbothink says:

      I am not sure your purpose here Anonymous, but I wonder about your education. If you had even an elementary education in U.S. History you would know all you are posting is not true. I might suggest you try some free courses on the internet in History. Hillsdale College offers some on U.S. History and the Constitution.

  16. Anonymous says:

    how about all kids stay home for a week…parents that have to work…i am sure mothers who are home. will be more then happy to keep other kids for the day…

  17. Anonymous says:

    or better yet..start home schooling your kids

    • turbothink says:

      Homeschooling does have the most well educated students, but not all parents can homeschool, so it is up to the parents to determine what is acceptable for their children to be taught and if it is accurate and true. This propaganda is neither.

      • Hugh Akston says:

        I’d be surprised if you’re qualified to tie your own shoes much less provide the full educational needs of a child.

  18. Anonymous says:

    So let me get this straight. This website is complaining about Muslims, BUT it has links to high resolution files of issues of Al Qaeda and ISIS magazines? Seems to me NOT helping disseminate the propaganda would be a easy decision. It even has a HEADER on this page to help people find them. Sad.

    • Anonymous says:

      Rather ironic that they post those magazines in an effort to educate people about Islam… and it’s on a page filled with people complaining about that very thing.

      Your logo should be a sheep dog.

  19. Truth In Christ says:

    How about you tell these KIDS THE TRUTH on ISLAM! The fact that Christian children are having their heads CUT OFF by Muslims and having their parents killed and raped.

  20. lucasberard says:

    I’m encouraged to see that at least one intelligent person is on the school board. The hateful bigotry being pushed by Fox News has taken hold in the south, and those under their spell shame themselves and their country with their ignorance, much like the author of this article.

    • Teri Harmon says:

      I guess I am a hateful bigot. I have a problem with an ideology that wants to kill me if I don’t convert. You don’t see the Jews, Sikhs, Buddhist, or Christians beheading people, honor killing or disfiguring or whining because they don’t get their way by taking away our way of life. I suggest you go to Chapter’s or Amazon and buy Nonie Darwish’s book, “Cruel And Usual Punishment”. It’s been out for several years. She is Egyptian, ex-Muslim and her father was a martyr killed by the Mossad. Get is straight from the horse’s mouth what the agenda of Islam is. She’s been warning us for years now.

    • turbothink says:

      I have traveled almost all of the world in my career. If you had ever traveled in Turkey or the Middle East, you would know first hand how barbaric Islam is and how it is not compatible at all with our Constitution. Women and children are merely chattel in those countries and are torture and killed with no regard for human life. Christians now are being slaughtered all over the Middle East by Islam.

      Islam has already executed thousands of Christians and forced thousands more to flee ancient Christian communities in northeastern Syria and western Iraq, when the Islamic jihadists demand they either covert to Islam, pay an extortionate rate/tax, or face execution, while other Christians are crucified.It is like going back 1,000 years seeing the barbarity that Christians are having to live under. I think we are dealing with a group which makes Nazism pale in comparison and I think they have lost all respect for human life. A group of 12 Christians, including the 12-year-old son of a Syrian missionary who established nine house churches in the region, were brutally murdered by Islamic State militants in a village outside of Aleppo in August for refusing to deny Jesus Christ, according to a new report from Christian Aid Mission. The group included two women who were raped in public by Islamic militants. All eight were beheaded for not agreeing to accept Islam.

      IS THIS TAUGHT IN THE SCHOOLS? Is this what you want for Christian children? Or do you have your head in the sand about the true purpose of this propaganda in the schools?

  21. Charles says:

    Whoever wrote this biased article stated, “Obviously he doesn’t grasp the values of our country, which was founded on the Christian-Judaeo religion, which is currently under attack. ” This is typical right-wing BS, and totally invalidates their credibility as a reporter.

    • Hugh Akston says:

      Well I always do like to get my knowledge from WordPress sites – esp. scientific data like the psychological damage to children. No doubt they’ve done the clinical trials.

      • turbothink says:

        With Common Core the U.S. Department of Education, and outside “business interest”, have snapped this up and implemented this form of assessment for students. None of which has been validated independently for learning effectiveness. Currently, we have zero idea about the new and additional stresses these kids may be subjected to on a large scale because of the testing or the information incorrectly assimilated. I do know that in the Psychology field, school related anxiety and depressive disorders has seen a dramatic increase. There have been a number recently of peer reviewed research articles on the subject that you would find very enlightening in their scope and nature. (The latest being Stanford University’s research showing a strong, statistically significant correlation between the practices of the new, collectivist based math, with significant disruption of brain processes associated with these practices.
        The field of psychological, academic, forensic and emotional assessment has undergone a transformation unlike anything in the history of mankind…..all within the past 5 years. The technology and concepts of merging neuro-science, psychological constructs, and computer technology has transformed the practice of psychology. Education has become the “proving” ground so to speak of this new integration with no research to determine if it is of value or detrimental to students.

        Children are experiencing serious cognitive and emotional adjustments related to the changes in public schools. Some of them pretty serious in scope and nature. There has been a 500% increase in rates of anxiety and depression among American young people over the past These educational changes were rushed, had absolutely zero independently (or otherwise) peer reviewed research level analysis of their efficacy or effectiveness. One does not have to be an, “expert in education” to comment on education. I have read a great deal of educational literature and find it to be quite simple and easy for any layperson to understand. “It isn’t brain surgery.” Parents are the best judge overall to determine if something is effective. There needs to be appropriate challenge for different groups of students. A uniform standard fails the 15% tail of both sides of the bell curve, damaging 30% of children. There is no such thing as a “Common” standard for diverse students. That is simply a fact. Common Core was set up to appeal to the lower 25% of the students, so exceptional students and even average students have problems with comprehension since it is so “dumbed down.”

        “Common Core” is not evidence based at all. In fact, they are doing a very bad nationwide experiment (WITH NO CONTROL GROUP) on your children. If you know science at all, you would know that uncontrolled experiments are worse than useless. This experiment would NEVER pass any ethical standard without the government pushing it. Common Core has never been subjected to even the smallest pilot study in the RCT style. Therefore, it is not evidence based and more or less useless educationally until it is validated by research.

        The testing industry is currently a TRILLION DOLLAR industry that is about the triple in nature and profits within the next 2-3 years. All you have to do is FOLLOW THE MONEY to get a real understanding of all this poorly constructed learning program. David Coleman is president and CEO of the College board$$$ and Bill Gate$$$$ is developing testing software which will be mandatory for your school district$$$ to purchase. It is nothing but big business with lots of payoffs.
        Need a secure job that will get you that million dollar house on the lake? Want your children to be secure with their future occupation choices? Don’t send them to law or medical school…..have them double major in computer science, and clinical psychology in undergraduate and graduate school. Psychometricians will become the most important and well paid job in this country in a few short years. A colleague of mine was offered $250,000.00 per year, full benefits, straight out of graduate school.

  22. Anonymous says:

    CONTACT INFO. FOR ROBERT HULLETT – robert.hullett@wcs.edu phone #615-772-6527

  23. #silentmajority says:

    “he’s advocating on behalf of the overwhelming majority of parents and students in his district who want the curriculum to remain as it has been with zero indoctrination of Islam.” I am really curious how this “overwhelming majority” is determined- at no time have the WCS parents or students been asked if they want the curriculum to remain the same. The incorrect assumption is that people who don’t take the time to write letters or call with concerns are in favor of this curriculum. Most parents are simply too busy to get involved but this should not be confused with “approval.”
    If WCS really wants to know where parents stand on this, they should ask. Otherwise they are merely reflecting their most vocal constituents opinions.

  24. Febus Hammert says:

    Allah says this A**holes gotta go!

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