Radical Imam Claims Potential ISIS Fighters In Memphis Tennessee

A known radical Imam from Memphis Tennessee made a chilling announcement during an interview with the Christian Science Monitor. Yasir Qadhi told the CSM he is regularly approached by young Muslims struggling whether to answer the Islamic States (ISIS) group call to arms.
yasir qadhi

“I have had and will continue to have lots of dialogues with young men. I am happy to say that none of the people I have spoken to about these issues have gone overseas” Qadhi warns that U.S Foreign Policy in Muslim lands is the driving force behind radicalization among young Muslims.

Qadhi gives two other factors he believes are pushing young Muslim men considering fighting for terrorists, which are their warped understanding of Islam, and the belief their religion has been demonized since 9/11. The policies regarding the Middle East, the use of drones against innocent people, Gitmo, and the  plight of Palestinians just add to their anger.

So while blaming America for the disgruntled Muslims mindset, the most ludicrous comment from the Imam is regarding his request to federal prosecutors. Qadhi wants a guarantee he and others doing outreach work will not be subject to investigation and threats of criminal charges for aiding and abetting any students if they in fact they do travel to Syria or commit a terror attack.

Yasir Qadhi is the founder and scholar of the Al- Magreb Institute in Houston TX, the same institute Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the designated “underwear” bomber attended.

Qadhi is the same Imam that attended the University of Medina next to Al Qaida terrorist Anwar Al- Awlaki whose radical writings were promoted by Qadhi.

During a lecture at a Boston mosque Qadhi advocated replacing democracy with Islamic rule.

In a sermon in his mosque in Memphis Tennessee, Qadhi repeatedly referred to Christians and Jews  as filthy and as apes and pigs.

That is the same sentiment espoused by members of ISIS, the same group Qadhi claims to be saving young men from joining.

isis in america

In a disturbing speech to intelligence officials this past week, FBI Director James Comey stated they are investigating possibly 900 ISIS operatives in the United States.  Director Comey said that the number of concerns about ISIS operatives and Islamic State supporters are “slowly climbing,” MSN reports. Comey added that ISIS has attempted to expand its reach into the U.S. and is using social media to attract “disaffected” young people. You know, the same “disaffected” young men Qadhi is having contact with.

Perhaps instead of the Memphis Imam worrying about himself being charged if one of his students joins ISIS, he should worry about all citizens of Tennessee. Maybe he should even notify the authorities, unless of course they’re Christians or Jews.

Read entire story here: http://www.inquisitr.com/2515813/isis-in-america-fbi-investigating-900-possible-islamic-states-operatives-in-the-united-states/

Cathy Hinners

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One Response to Radical Imam Claims Potential ISIS Fighters In Memphis Tennessee

  1. Matthew Harms says:

    Somebody in the government needs to stop filthy pigs like this guy before the citizens rise up and do it themselves if Islam is such a religion of peace this guy has no business calling people pigs and filthy this makes him a pig

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