Muslims Like Freedom Of Speech Unless It Exposes Them.

This weekend, hundreds of protesters will be standing in front of mosques across the country to exercise their freedom of speech.  This weekend, hundreds of Muslims will be countering those protests in an effort to silence that freedom of speech. Well, at least the speech they declare to be hate, bigotry or islamophobic.


For the past week, the Islamists have been fretting over the best way to be seen as the victim. Hence, a “sign on statement” authored by a Muslim Brotherhood supporter himself, Paul Galloway of the American Center for Outreach, and The American Muslim Advisory Council in Nashville TN. Galloway is a former founder and director of the Houston Chapter of CAIR ( Council On American Islamic Relations), which is a designated terrorist organization in the UAE ( United Arab Emirates).

They seek to bully the entire American Muslim community and to suppress religious freedom in the United States“. Further it gives a list of “responses to these hateful rallies”  They include:

Oppose the targeting of any faith community.

Uphold the constitutional right of all people in the United States to freely practice their religious liberty without fear or harassment.

Believe that attacking people because of their faith is a betrayal of our nation’s highest values.

Do not consider dividing Americans by their religious identities the behavior of true patriots.

Hope that all Americans will embrace mutual respect and peaceful coexistence.

“These people have a right to demonstrate. However, the manner in which they have chosen to do so sends an ugly message that we reject”

Yes they have a right to protest, however it seems the Islamists hate their message, and therefore wish to have it suppressed by contacting Homeland Security, the FBI, State and local law enforcement agencies.

The trend by the Islamists in America is dualistic. They believe every negative word or action against a Muslim is a hate crime. From vandalism ( self perpetrated) to harassment to burglaries, according to Muslim, they are all done in the name of hate.

But while they paint themselves victims to the public, behind closed doors they continue on with their agenda and goals.  Believing that no good crisis goes to waste, on the same day as the “anti-muslim” rallies, CAIR launched their voter registration campaign. Muslims must be elected into public office, or elect those that are aligned with the purpose of effecting change, for the furtherance of Islam.

Another way they used the rallies was to beg for money under the guise of stopping Islamophobia.

shibly on donate money

Yes, the protests have definitely  traumatized the Muslim community once again, evident by their smiles.

shibly smiling

Cathy Hinners

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2 Responses to Muslims Like Freedom Of Speech Unless It Exposes Them.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why on earth would anyone want to be a Muslim anyway? Especially a woman. Look at the countries that are predominately Muslim, and also look at countries that have growing Muslim Communities such as France and England and see what is happening to their society and culture. In America, like most other free countries, Shariah law is adverse to the their Constitutions. Islam is a geopolitical religion that cannot be compatible with countries other than Islamic ones. However, their goal is to bring all countries into submission to Islam, and their avenue is through taking over governments, local, state, and federal by slowly infiltrating, working at all levels — geopolitical!

  2. Robert McClurkan says:

    Mr. Hassan Shibly, wenn das wirklich Ihr Name ist; nur weil jemand nicht besonders mit Ihrer Scharia oder für diese Angelegenheit einverstanden, nicht mit den Lehren von Mohamed oder den Rest von diesem Mist stimmt, sie nicht Islamophoben macht, macht es gerade ihnen eine kenntnisreiche und gut ausgebildete Person in die Aktionen der Moslems und Islam im Allgemeinen. Und ich für man nicht glauben oder Stimme, was Sie Menschen von Ihren falschen Kanzeln predigen.

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