Oh The Hypocrisy At Martin Methodist College

Martin Methodist College in Pulaski Tennessee is the latest institution of higher learning to succumb to the muffling of freedom of speech, but only to those that oppose views held by some administrators. Case in point, a course scheduled to be given to law enforcement officers from across the state of Tennessee on topics such as terrorist tactics and methods, international terrorism, and threats facing our communities.

It seems the Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Executive and Professional Development Cheri Thomas and her underling Richard Schoeberl  took to heart an article written and published by the  hate group the Southern Poverty Law Center regarding one of the law enforcement instructors. The article, which was odious and misguided, led to the conclusion the instructor was a “Muslim basher”, which led Thomas to withdraw Martin Methodists sponsorship and participation.

That isn’t the reason, that is the excuse. It seems Thomas has a slight bias when it comes to law enforcement, at least according to her Face Book page.

cheri thomas on cincy cop kills blk man


cheri thomas on police

In addition to criticizing law enforcement, a more serious philosophy has emerged on the campus of Martin Methodist.  Some of the administration seems to have no problem with supporters of  the Muslim Brotherhood  participating in  the 2014  Life Together: A Religious Leaders Conference of Middle Tennessee.  Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Imam Ossama Bahloul of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, one of the three religious leaders on the panel for that conference is a graduate of the Al Azhar University in Cairo Egypt, the center for Sunni Salafism, where he finished 4th out of a class of 200. Bahloul holds an MS in Dawa, or the proselytizing of Islam. Al Azhar is known for educating  radical imams associated with the Muslim Brotherhood,  Hamas, Hezbollah, and several other terror organizations. One of Al Azhar’s most famous graduates is Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader.

gods book

Imam Bahloul also has hosted Muslim Brotherhood leaders at his mosque, including Jamal Badawi, and Nihad Awad, a self proclaimed supporter of Hamas, and the co founder of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Jamal Badawi, who was joined by Bahloul in 2014 at the “All God’s Books” event at the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro admits he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and is listed on the first page of the Brotherhood’s telephone book, which was entered into the Holy Land Foundation trial as evidence against several member of Hamas and the Ikhwhan.

pb 1 pb2

This is only a snippet of the association between Ossama Bahloul and the Muslim Brotherhood. The same Ossama Bahloul Martin Methodist has embraced and welcomed to their campus.

One cant help to wonder if Cheri Thomas and her terrorism expert Mr. Schoeberl have fought to disassociate Martin Methodist from a terrorist organization supporter as much as they fought to disassociate from a law enforcement instructor.

It appears that Martin Methodist has bigger problems other than an instructor they say bashes Muslims.


Cathy Hinners





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7 Responses to Oh The Hypocrisy At Martin Methodist College

  1. Robert McClurkan says:

    I’m not surprised about this at all. Too many “so called” Christians don’t believe me when I try to tell them about the danger lurking around us.

  2. Robert McClurkan says:

    I remember way back when there was conversation going back and forth about building a Mosque in Brentwood, and then in Murfreesboro, which was finally built in Murfreesboro. I sent a letter out to the elected officials and their appointed staff, Below is a copy of my letter sent via Email.

    It is all about Sharia Law: I previously sent this communiqué to the elected officials of Brentwood, TN and the Murfreesboro City Mayor and elected representatives, now I feel the rest of you, Mayor Burgess and all elected commissioners of Rutherford County should also have a copy. No, this is not about religion, it is not about racism, it is not about flood plains and it is not about traffic congestion. It IS about Sharia Law that is eventually going to take over America as it has done in other countries. America had better wake up, and YOU in Brentwood, Murfreesboro and Rutherford County hold the key to begin changing the dismal outlook of the future, if you have the courage and the wherewithal to stop it now.

    To all Elected Officials: Brentwood, Murfreesboro and Rutherford County:

    I am not a citizen of your community; however, being a citizen of Williamson County, I keep abreast of activities in and around my resident county and adjoining counties of Middle Tennessee.

    My reason for sending you this communiqué is an attempt to expose a faction in your community, as in many communities across America that is dangerous and needs to be studied.

    Political Correctness is going to be the ruination of the United States of America. Somewhere within the citizenry of our land, someone must speak up, loud and clear and call correctly everything that is veiled in obscurity.

    During the past two years, I have diligently studied in depth, everything I could find concerning Islam. I am not sure that our elected officials in local, state and federal government entities have full knowledge of what they are dealing with when trying to placate and bow down to the desires of Muslims, especially in local communities.

    I have read about your meetings concerning the mosque request for your geographical area and I sympathize with your problem, because it is the beginning of a much larger problem, especially in the future.

    Not to belabor the point I wish to make, there are two books that will reveal enough information concerning the Muslim influx into the West to educate you, as elected officials and citizens of our great state of Tennessee and the United States of America in general. Also, any of your board members or appointees who may not be knowledgeable as to Islam’s plans for America needs to have this information passed along to them.

    The author of the books is Noni Darwish, the publisher is Thomas Nelson; the major book to enlighten you is “CRUEL AND USUAL PUNISHMENT”. This particular book will reveal immediately the motives of the Muslims who have come to America.

    A quote from the introduction, to clarify my point:
    “Islam is actually anti-religion, and in that it is similar to Communism. What counts is obedience to the State as well as a few ritualistic religious commandments that give Islam the veneer and credibility of religious practice and give Sharia-slaves the illusion that they have a religion.”

    To further quote:
    “The plan of Islam is clear and follows a natural progression. At the beginning, Muslims are just a few and engage in peaceful proselytizing with rapid mosque building which is helped by today’s petrodollars. Muslims are warned and intimidated from emulating or assimilating in the non-Muslim culture in which they live.”

    “According to Muslim scriptures, a land that has a mosque built on it becomes Muslim land and must forever remain a mosque. Land acquisition for the purpose of building Islamic institutions is a major priority of the Muslim agenda in the West.”

    A final quote from the introduction:
    When majority non-Muslim citizens start asking questions and becoming skeptical about the calls for jihad and jihadists using the mosques as a base for their activities, Muslim leadership starts claiming discrimination, racism and misunderstood religion, suggesting that the host country needs an education in what true Islam and its Sharia mean. Islam counts on the natural humanity and basic decency of unsuspecting people and nations to accommodate their immigrant minority Muslim population and bend to their demands.”
    End of quotes.

    Honorable Officials, I feel like “John the Baptist“, a voice crying in the wilderness because, as it appears to me, all too often those with the power to take a stand feel threatened by amendments to the constitution. As I previously remarked, “Political Correctness” is bringing our great nation down the path to destruction.

    I have given you some information which you may have known already, however, if it is new to you, then I implore you to use this information as a tool for the betterment of the future for your sons, daughters, grandchildren and future generations.

    Just as Arizona has taken a stand on illegal immigration, you and your community can take a stand and stop mosque building after you know the facts concerning the devices used by America’s enemy.

    The first book by Noni Darwish is: Now They Call Me Infidel and of course this second book which will enlighten anyone quickly as to the motives of Islam in America: Cruel and Usual Punishment.

    Barnes and Nobel were out of stock the other day when I purchased copies for some friends, but I found them available at Border’s.

    Good luck to you and your citizens on the clear and present danger to your community, and I hope for your sake, you pick up a copy of Cruel and Usual Punishment, read it and be knowledgeable of who you are up against. Remember it is not prejudicial, it is keeping America away from the throes of Norway, Denmark, Spain, Holland, Great Britain and all other countries inundated with Islam and Sharia Law.

    God Bless All of You in your endeavors.

    Robert M. McClurkan

    • CH says:

      Excellent, thank you

      • Robert McClurkan says:

        Cathy, I listen to you when you are on the radio with Michael Delgirono, and I find your information to be very informative. There are so many people I meet on a daily basis who profess to be Christians, and here in Franklin more especially those who are members of the Methodist Church. I have never heard any of them take a stand against the teachings of Islam or anything about the Muslim community. When I have tried to explain the situation which is becoming more and more intense for the Christian Population, they tell me there is not a word of truth in what they are hearing, their remarks are, “We must be kind and loving to our Muslim brothers and sisters”. Well, in my common, non political correct way of saying it, “This is just plain old Bovine Scatololy”, one of these days they will awaken to their throats being slashed or their heads rolling. It is about time all of America awakens and starts preparing for what is eventually coming to all of our communities. Thank you, Michael and Dr. Warner for the information you pass out to the listeners of WTN.

  3. Phillip Budd says:

    Thank you Cathy, Robert, Micheal D, Joanne B, Dr Warner and all who are leading the charge in getting the truth out! Now if only the locals will only listen and get their heads out of the sand before it is to late!

  4. Hugh Akston says:

    Wouldn’t a responsible journalist identify herself as the instructor in question?

    To use your own poor grammar, one cant help to wonder if a conflict of interest is in play here.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am a Methodist and I am appalled about what is happening. We are allowing Christians to be slaughtered in the Middle East with no comment from our Bishops. Now we are being censored in Methodist colleges. Organized religion is destroying faith. God is good, churches not so much.

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