Muslims Claim “Islamophobia” …Again

Once again the word Islamophobia has been used by Muslims to label those lured into a dangerous game played  out by a 14 year old from their community. Law enforcement responded to a high school in Irving Texas regarding an object Ahmed Mohamed brought to school which he claimed was a “clock”. Police did their job and arrested him after seeing the clock which resembled a homemade IED trigger device.

This wasn’t a misunderstanding. This wasn’t a clock. This was a device brought to a school to purposely create a stir where the end result would be the Muslims hyped up version of victim hood. The increasing use of the word Islamophobia by Muslims in America has only one goal. To create an atmosphere where our safety and security is at risk, and to silence those spreading the truth about their agenda.

Ahmed Mohamed’s device


Device used for training by law enforcement.

11 (1)

Perhaps the parents should be investigated. In today’s climate with ISIS issuing statements about killing Americans on our own soil and shootings occurring in schools, why would a parent allow their child to bring such an object to school? Because they knew what the response would be, and  CAIR (Council on American and Islamic Relations)   was on speed dial.

This incident was a set up pure and simple.

Everything that happens to a Muslim is labeled Islamophobia. Can you say cry wolf?

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4 Responses to Muslims Claim “Islamophobia” …Again

  1. I thought the same thing when I saw a picture of the ‘clock’. Hey, if they don’t like being accused all they have to do is stop blowing things up, killing people and threatening to blow things up and kill people! With all the violence attributed to islam and all the crazy things happening in the schools, no one in their right mind would trust that ‘clock’ or even to assume it was just a ‘clock’. We have students being suspended for wearing a tee shirt with an american flag or a confederate on it and grade school kid all but expelled for chewing his pop-tart into the shape of a gun, what makes this muslim twerp think he can bring a ‘clock’ which looks like a bomb into a school and get away with it?!

  2. gladys hurtis says:

    I could be mistaken, but don’t 14 year old Muslims carry arms?

  3. Laura Bergmann says:

    In Muslim countries they use children and women to carry out suicide bombings, so are we really suppose to believe they won’t do that here in America? I think the whole thing was a test run.

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