The Myth of Islamophobia, The Truth About Those That Invented It.

Muslims across America are demanding Islamophobia be stopped by creating a false rise in what they consider anti-Muslim rhetoric.  Islamophobia is a word manufactured by the Muslim Brotherhood  in an effort to invent a false sense of victimhood. Islamophobia is defined by Muslims as those who hold an irrational fear of Islam, and is seen as a mental deficiency.

The word itself means a fear of Islam, but the word has morphed into meaning a hatred of Muslims,   racism, or bigotry. It encompasses negative words that cause discomfort and embarrassment, thereby causing people to think twice about speaking negatively about Islam and Muslims.  Being labelled a hater or racist (which Islam is not a race) can get you fired, lose family and friends, or lose business.  All fears of the American people.

Islamic organizations like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) have created a sense of urgency in hopes the government will step in by criminalizing what they consider hate speech. Incidents have been fabricated to make it appear there is a spike in anti-Muslim sentiment which in turn they say promotes violence, vandalism and hate.

Aside from the fear of being labeled an islamophobe, people are shying away from anything that may be construed as islamophobic and instead flooding to hear Muslims preach about Islam, its peaceful and loving nature, its tolerance of all things sinful, and how compatible sharia law is to the constitution ( all untrue)

HOWEVER the most important point is not about Islamophobia but rather how it is being used by Muslims. Their efforts to end Islamophobia have instead created a national security risk.

Law enforcement and our military have become so delicate to  Muslim communities  for fear of losing federal funding or their pensions they are cooperating with Muslim communities conducting business in a way that doesn’t offend the Muslims. Because of the demands by Muslims to further their agenda and our political correctness, some of the outcomes of these implications are:

The purging of relevant, factual training that includes who terrorist organizations and their supporters are within the US

The  termination of surveillance in mosques

The end of profiling

The ceasing of   standard search procedures, such as canines to detect explosives

The barring  of our military being able to identify the enemy and annihilate them

The altering of rules of engagement replaced with recall and retreat  

The cessation of interrogation tools that are effective but are seen as offensive and demeaning

All because Muslims label these Islamophobic.

All of these things we have viewed as small incremental changes, are now the result of our law enforcement agencies calling Islamic terrorism acts of domestic extremism.

By not designating killings such as Chattanooga, Fort Hood or Garland TX  Islamic terrorism, they are falling into criminal categories rather than terrorist ones. We are becoming desensitized to the reality of an enemy who is fighting in the name of Islam that has an ideology that is dismantling and destroying America.

cair on islamophobia

It isn’t Islamophobia that is dangerous, it is those calling for its demise that are

Cathy Hinners

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3 Responses to The Myth of Islamophobia, The Truth About Those That Invented It.

  1. Joan French says:

    Excellent post, Cathy. To clarify even further, a phobia is a “neurotic” fear, one that is not based in reality. To have a healthy fear of Islam is not only based in reality but is necessary if we are to keep our nation, its culture with freedom of speech and expression, women’s rights and equality before the law.

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