**Update** Tennessee Public Schools Teaching the Shahada

Maury County TN School District seems to have a communication problem. While the new Director of Schools, Chris Marczak attended an impromptu meeting to respond to the outraged parents, his Middle School Supervisor re-opened the wound, throwing salt in it to boot.


In an article published today in the Columbia TN Daily Herald, Dr. Jan Hanvey, a former social studies teacher, completely contradicts the parents and teachers account of what was taught, not taught and why.  Mr. Marczak, who appeared genuine and eager to learn addressed and answered that as well, leaving the parents satisfied and ready to have a dialogue.

(See article here : http://columbiadailyherald.com/news/local-news/parents-concerned-over-religious-curriculum)

Dr. Hanvey , in misrepresenting the truth, has parents in an uproar all over again. Stating that teachers “do not spend three weeks specifically talking about Islam, but rather the geography, culture, economics and government surrounding the religion.”  “Islam is discussed for about one day of the three-week period,” Hanvey said. That simply is not true. If Dr. Hanvey had knowledge about the topic of Islam she would understand Islam the religion encompasses history and culture, it is all one. Islam the religion, is a complete way of life.

note2 note

According to the materials and notes I have thoroughly looked through, Islam was in fact discussed for several days, not “about one” as the Dr. states.  Another blunder was ” It’s part of history. If you don’t talk about it, then you are leaving out the ‘why,’” Hanvey said. “Children need to know the ‘why,’ and they need to be able to learn and know where to find the facts, instead of going by what they hear or what they see on the Internet.”

Really, so when will the real life of Muhammed be instructed? As most that are familiar with the Medina era of the prophet most know the truth would be too explicit for the 7th grade, but sometimes accurate, factual  history is ugly.

What is completely false is the statement “The chapter on Christianity was not skipped over but was put off until a later date,” she said. Parents have been told several times, yes in fact Christianity was skipped over, and would not be discussed at all. Perhaps Dr. Hanvey should speak with teachers before putting out false information, in what seems to be an effort to discredit the parents that have come forward.

The most egregious statement is “Modern events have caused “fear” of Islam,” Hanvey said.  With all due respect Dr. modern events haven’t  cause fear, Muslims have.  Beheading, shootings and stabbings of Americans by Islamists are meant to instill fear, and rightfully so.  By making this statement, Dr. Hanvey appears to legitimize and condone the teaching of a specific religion based on peoples alleged fears and what they might hear on the internet.

Dr. Hanveys complete disregard for the difference between teaching about a religion rather than of one, is a slippery slope. Her reference to  Americans holding the same fears in the 1940’s of the Japanese is appalling.  There is absolutely no comparison. The Japanese do  not wish to re-establish a global caliphate, Muslims do. The Japanese do not wish to implement  and enforce the laws of their land in America, the Muslims do, it is called Sharia. The Japanese do not demand that freedom of speech be curtailed if it offensive to them, Muslims do. The Japanese are not beheading co-workers, or murdering unarmed soldiers in their place of employment. Muslims are.

Unfortunately Dr. Hanvey has poked the parents that have had the courage to expose what is happening in their children’s classroom.

“There is no god but allah, and Muhammad is the prophet” is  the very pillar that unites Muslims around the globe. It is considered the most important of the 5 pillars as it is the testimony of their beliefs. It is religion, and having a non believer write and recite it is pure indoctrination. I believe the teachers aren’t looking to do so, but I do question the Dr.s agenda.

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2 Responses to **Update** Tennessee Public Schools Teaching the Shahada

  1. “It’s part of history. If you don’t talk about it, then you are leaving out the ‘why,’” Hanvey said.

    “Children need to know the ‘why,’ and they need to be able to learn and know where to find the facts, instead of going by what they hear or what they see on the Internet.”

    Where to find facts?

    As a American child and adult, not once have I been shown real, factual, tangible, credible evidence that a God, aka supernatural being actually exists or once existed.

    This is a fact.


  2. Bill says:

    “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” — Barack Obama, October 30, 2008

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