Tennessee Muslims Cry Over Sheriff’s Comments

Tennessee Muslims are outraged that the Sevier  County Sheriff made statements regarding the activity of Muslims in the East Tennessee  city of Sevierville.  Sheriff Ron Seals stated local officers were working in an off duty capacity in a local mall when they noticed a  woman in a burqa taking pictures.

“We have some officers up there … they’re officers, but they hire them, off-duty police officers, primarily to work traffic, and they’ve noticed the same lady running around up there … taking pictures with a camera” Those officers contacted the Department of Homeland Security, and it is unknown what transpired after that.

Sheriff Seals also referred to the President as a Muslim and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Muslim community was so offended, they contacted the Hamas affiliated  organization  the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and their sympathizer the ACLU. ( American Civil Liberty Union) ( CAIR has been designated a terrorist organization in the U.A.E and is listed as an un-indicted co-conspirator in Americas largest terrorism funding trial to date)


Paul Iesa Galloway ( forefront)

Once again, using the word Islamophobia, CAIR and the Muslim community have diverted attention away from a potential threat by crying they are victims. So much for the  Muslim community working with law enforcement to thwart possible terrorist activity or surveillance leading up to one.

The “outraged” Tennessee groups have no right to complain, as they represent a who’s who of Muslim Brotherhood organizations. The American Muslim Advisory Council and the American Center for Outreach are both under the direction of Paul “Iesa” Galloway, a convert with an extensive list of Muslim Brotherhood employers and friends. Galloway was the founder and director of the CAIR Houston Chapter, and has participated in Muslim Student Association events as well as the Islamic Society of North America. Galloway also worked side by side with former U.S DHS adviser Mohammed Elibiary, who left his position after he made controversial comments on social media and used the Muslim Brotherhood symbol on his official picture.

elibiary on caliphate return  me with r4bia


So much for “tolerant” Muslims.   Their usual MO is to complain, but then insist the “offenders” learn about Islam. Now it seems since they have been exposed for what they are, they are going a different direction.

Sorry, but the mere fact organizations linked with global terrorist front groups have any say on anything is troublesome.

For those in Tennessee, we urge you to contact Sheriff Seals office and demand he not only refuse to meet with these groups, but rather continue with the appropriate measures to keep his community safe from Islamic terrorists.

Sheriff Ron Seal




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    thanks ron -b if they don’t like it here ,try going HOME

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