Vanderbilt University To Be More “Diverse and Inclusive”..For Whom?

Vanderbilt University Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos recently launched what he called a “significant new effort” to bring diversity and inclusion to his campus. “This is a project of great importance. It is the most important thing I’m going to be spending my time on.” Zeppos further stated “We have to realize that we have become more diverse, but there are so many people who are at the periphery and they feel marginalized.”

Marginalized? He must be referring to the Jewish and Christian students right? With the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) awaiting their student organization application to be approved, surely the radical anti-Jewish sentiment will grow on campus.


*SJP chapters on college campuses sponsor events like “Israel Apartheid Week,” disrupt pro-Israel events, and are the primary agitators pushing anti-Israel  BDS (boycott,divest and sanction) resolutions introduced to student governments. SJP chapters have created hostile and intimidating campus environments for Jewish students. SJP prides itself on bringing conflict and divisiveness to college campuses along with using a well-financed disinformation campaign that spreads their hatred towards Jews and Israel.

Just as tensions grew in 2012 when several Christian organizations were forced to shut down or leave campus due to a mandatory policy change that would have gone against a Christians beliefs.(

Hardly inclusion and diversity when Vanderbilt turns a blind eye to the Christian and Jewish students yet embraces those that persecute them. Vanderbilt is home to a Muslim Student Association which has direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. This past spring Vanderbilt was the venue of choice for the Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament (MIST) which brings Muslims from around the Country to compete in  Knowledge, the Koran, Basketball and Soccer. ((

What’s troublesome  is Vanderbilt allowing organizations that are funded and or supported by the Muslim Brotherhood on its campus. Does Mr. Zeppos know the Muslim Brotherhood is a designated terrorist organization in several countries? Is he aware that the Muslim Student Association is a direct descendant of them? ( read more on the Muslim Student Association here MSA dossier)

org list


The latest conformity by Vanderbilt is  allowing an “Islamophobia Conference ” hosted by the Faith and Culture Center of Nashville to be on campus. The name of the conference  has been changed to a more friendly, inclusive one , “Our Muslim Neighbor” since we wrote about how Islamophobia isn’t as dangerous as those crying for its demise. (

Has Mr. Zeppos bothered to vet the keynote speaker for the Islamophobia conference? Dr Ingrid Mattson is the former president of the largest Muslim Brotherhood front group here in the U.S called the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)  (read more  here ISNA Dossier)  Mattson espouses Wahhabism the rigid, extreme Saudi interpretation of Islam.


With  Vanderbilt’s new, politically correct concentration on diversity and inclusion, it seems the more radical a group is, the more embraced they become.    After all, I’m sure Mr. Zeppos wouldn’t want to offend the Muslim Brotherhood.


  • Excerpt from



Cathy Hinners






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