Middle Eastern Men Looking At Tennessee Schools

Is it a coincidence that within the month of August, two schools in  Middle Tennessee have had incidents regarding Middle Eastern males on school properties? On August 4 at 6:10 am two Middle Eastern men were observed driving on the Trevecca Nazarene University campus. Upon a check of their license plate, security learned the registered owner was on a terrorist watch list. 

On August 27, two Middle Eastern males drove to a soccer field at Riverdale High School in Rutherford County where they fired a pellet gun while parents and students stood watching the game. A police officer pursued the vehicle which was stopped on the same street the two men lived on, less than one mile from the school. Both men are out on $25.000 bond.

Mohamad Nasoah Al-Dahan and Khaled Mahfouz say they are 21 years old. Al-Dahan is the owner of the Magnolia Street address. (Yes, most 21 year old students own their own homes, and go shooting a pellet gun at strangers for fun.)

*correction*  It has come to our attention, Al Dahan  himself does not own property on Magnolia, but rather family does.

al dahan mahfouz

While the motive behind both incidents remains to be determined, perhaps we all should be taking incidents like this seriously. The problem is most people that either read the news or heard it on local media were led to believe they were just MTSU  ( Middle Tennessee State University) “students”. The majority never mentioned Middle Eastern men. And yes it does matter. We have been warned for months by Islamic groups from the Middle East of their intent to kill Americans on our own soil. 

Two schools, one a Christian University, and the other a high school in a County that has had continuing controversy over the building of a mega mosque. Coincidence or test runs for future incidents?

Cathy Hinners

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42 Responses to Middle Eastern Men Looking At Tennessee Schools

  1. Ithamar says:

    These imbeciles with the pellet gun were counting on no one in the school zone being armed whereby their worthless arses would meet their just desert. Not all Tennesseans follow such unconstitutional laws. They were fortunate that it was a lawinforcement officer that confronted them, rather than some angry Southern “redneck”.

    • Anonymous says:

      Learn to spell.

    • Jules says:

      How do you know no one in the crowd was armed? The gun owners I know woud not have jumped to the final option (drawing their weapons). They’d start with a non-violent intervention first.
      Don’t lump all Tennesseans, or for that matter, Southerners as “rednecks”– which by the way is not necessarily the insult you mean it to be.
      I’d rather be a redneck than an ignorant fool anyday.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Another Bullschitt moment ! ! !

    • Anonymous says:

      This story is completely false. None of this is real. A quick google search would tell you that. Besides the obviously click bait headline, the entire story is fishy. If they were on a terrorist watch list they would have been immediately detained. There is no bail option for terrorists of any race. You’d think adults would be smart enough to decipher when someone made up a rage-inducing story just to get a reaction.

      • Anonymous says:

        I just read about the incident in DNJ, Murfreesboro’s local paper. It’s not contrived.

      • Anonymous says:

        These stories are completely true. My sister is on the Riverdale soccer team and both of my parents were at the game. So apparently you didn’t search Googule well enough. Get over yourself and realize what the hell is happening. They are following up on their threats and if you don’t believe they are then lord help your soul.

      • CH says:

        If you knew how to read you would see that the Murfreesboro incident had nothing to do with the Trevecca Incident, which is where the vehicles on the terror watch list were. Please get your facts straight.

      • Anonymous says:

        Inthought the same NO BAIL!!!. Hold for other dept. but they were some wanna be’s

      • Anony says:

        This story is 100% real. They don’t give the name of the one from August 7th on a terorist watch.

      • Debra Arnold says:

        This is absolutely a true story!! I know people that were there! WHY would someone make this up!? Our world is having enough problems without people “making up” stories!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not suggesting the incident itself was contrived. The pellet gun at a school part is correct. The rest is though. They were not on any terrorist watch lists. Their bail was $25,000 because they were charged with aggravated assault with a weapon. Of course it doesn’t look good and was probably for a truly evil purpose, but the article itself is just click bait and speculation. It’s just to get a racially fueled reaction.

  3. usar4me says:

    Being arrested and indicted was grounds for immediate deportation… being on a terrorist watch list should also be grounds for deportation. What is going on with the INS are the suicidal. We don’t need to issue VISA’s to lawless foreigners, providing them legal access to our communities.

  4. End game says:

    Looks like red flags… Wake up, get your heads out of the sand…

  5. Abbie says:

    This is complete and utter BS. Why does it matter that they’re Middle Eastern? One of our biggest allies is a Middle Eastern country( Saudi Arabia) , but of course it is to our benefit so it doesn’t matter. How many incidents have occured when the TERRORIST was cacausian? Black? Indian? Etc. The point is terrorism doesn’t have a culture or religion. We, America, have been attacking them and their countries for decades. One of our bigger allies that we fund, Israel, is murduring innocent people. I don’t know, you tell me who is a terrorist. But of course, that is irrelevant in your conversations.

    • smartgirl says:

      OMG, only a child could be this naive. Saudi Arabia might be Obama’s ally, but they aren’t friends of the United States. They are a top terrorist funding country. Get your head on straight before one of your “allies” blows it off. You’ve taken cultural sensitivity and political correctness to a new height in stupidity.

    • Anonymous says:

      Watch the news every once in awhile. Learn facts.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Get your dumb ass heads out of the sand, Muslims are behind it and any other explanation is just plain bull shit

  7. Anonymous says:

    How and why were they able to make bail is my only question

  8. Anon says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I have friends and family members who are middle eastern (adopted into the family), and none of them would do anything to hurt anyone. My cousin has a college degree and is looking for a job and can’t even get a job as a waiter because of the color of his skin. If we need to watch all middle eastern people because of what extremist groups have said and done then we also need to watch every white male ever because their record is just as long, if not longer. Racist ignorance.

    • Anonymous says:

      Middle eastern men fire pellets and it makes for some of the above mindless comments. An American blasts real bullets in schools and malls and all these cretins do is support national gun crime !!

      • Joe says:

        Why do you think they were firing pellets? This was a test run for something much, much bigger.

      • smartgirl says:

        Joe, you’re right. It’s best to stay vigilant. I’m not PC and do believe in racial profiling. I don’t care if someone’s little feelings get hurt 😦

      • Anonymous says:

        They play with pellet guns and Joe automatically thinks this is something bigger? I guarente you most people reading this article played with pellet guns for fun with their siblings. If they were truly planning acts of terror don’t you think they would use something that packs a little more sting than of what an 8 year old could bare??

  9. IDK Crap says:

    We better pay attention to North Korea. This is who is out to destroy us the most.

  10. BILLY SR says:

    From: Dailyrollcall.com To: ggvaughn10@bellsouth.net Sent: Saturday, August 29, 2015 7:25 AM Subject: [New post] Middle Eastern Men Looking At Tennessee Schools #yiv5978720475 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv5978720475 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv5978720475 a.yiv5978720475primaryactionlink:link, #yiv5978720475 a.yiv5978720475primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv5978720475 a.yiv5978720475primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv5978720475 a.yiv5978720475primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv5978720475 WordPress.com | CH posted: “Is it a coincidence that within the month of August, two schools in Tennessee have had incidents regarding Middle Eastern males on school properties? On August 4 at 6:10 am two Middle Eastern men were observed driving on the Trevecca Nazarene University c” | |

  11. Ghual@fuckyou.com says:

    Everyone is spacing out and commenting ignorant things for the wrong reason. Here is the problem…. ISIS has vowed to hurt Americans on their own soil. So I say, come on cowards, quit talking about it and be about it, you know? Stop worrying about the “wanna be” class of Muslims here and let the real ones start making the papers. They underestimate the potential for getting their heads blown out of proportion here on United States soil. It actually excites me to be truthful. Regardless of the truth of this article, one thing stands for certain… I’m ready to kill terrorists who try to take freedom again!! It’s fun I promise!!! They are weak!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Could you be any more bias??????? I went to MTSU, ,and it is full of middle eastern people there! I was one, and my brother was one. Now, anyone who reads this will think all the middle eastern men on campus are trouble.

    You are stupid. Maybe you should travel to expand that close mind of yours.

    • Anonymous says:

      Simply because of the name these two guys have the author of this article completely writes off anything they say as true. If they were from this area the author would have stated they guys were 21 and MTSU students rather than saying that they claim to be these things. I am from Murfreesboro and it is so frustrating how little some people from this area know. They don’t want to know any different though. The only thing they know about the Middle East of Islam is that they see on CNN or written by obviously biased sources like this. It just shows the level of intelligence. Do they not remember being taught about biases in like elementary school??? Wake up people! No these guys didn’t make the best choice but leave it at that! Don’t automatically make them out to be terrorists.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone take notice of the multiple bomb threats today in schools? Rutherford county, Williamson county, Laverne!!! Wake up people. This is real!

  14. Anonymous says:

    To start, no matter how harmless, it’s just not smart to bring anything that could be considered a weapon near school property. It’s just not. However, there are so many things wrong with this article. Read the facts not this biased version. “They ‘say’ they are 21” So all of a sudden because they are from the middle-east then the must be lying about their age? One thing to remember is that Middle-east does not automatically imply that they are Muslim. There is a difference. Only 20% of Muslims live in the Middle East so if you fear them you have a much larger region to fear than just the Middle East. Once again, this was not a smart move on their part, BUT if it were to good ol’ boys from Eagleville, TN who made the same dumb mistake to goof off with a pellet gun (which I played with as a child with my siblings) in public, would people be concerned our outraged that they were treated like criminals for playing with a toy?

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