Things TN Legislators Should Know About Lobbyist Paul Iesa Galloway Part 2

ARTICLE I – HONESTY & INTEGRITY A lobbyist should conduct lobbying activities with honesty and integrity.  (from the TN Ethnics Committees Guiding Principles for Lobbyists and Their  Employers) 

TN Lobbyist Paul Iesa Galloway served as  the executive director of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston and to this day is involved in their activities .  The Islamic Society of Greater Houston is owned and managed by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), a Muslim Brotherhood organization.


islamic society greater houston owned by nait


NAIT is listed as the #8 “friend” in the Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for  the Group in North America, a document that was entered into evidence in a federal trial  in Dallas TX in 2008. This trial of The Holy Land Foundation was America’s largest terrorism funding case to date.

org list


Some other notes of interest on NAIT comes from Discover The Networks. (

  • A recently declassified FBI memo from December 1987 stated that NAIT’s “support of Jihad (a holy war) in the U.S. has been evidenced by the financial and organizational support provided through NAIT from Middle East countries to Muslims residing in the U.S. and Canada.”
  • A third FBI memo, dated 1988, identified NAIT as one of many “Ikhwan organizations”—i.e., Muslim Brotherhood fronts—that “are involved in organizing political support” for a long-term plan seeking “to institute the Islamic Revolution in the United States” and “establish political control of all non-Islamic governments in the world.”
  • In 2003, NAIT received a $325,000 investment from the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
  • Today NAIT owns the Islamic Academy of Florida, which was described as “a criminal enterprise” in a February 2007 federal indictment handed down against the school’s founder, Sami al-Arian, and other suspected Hamas fundraisers.

galloway isgh on public fb page



Next: Galloway and the Muslim Student Association


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One Response to Things TN Legislators Should Know About Lobbyist Paul Iesa Galloway Part 2

  1. says:

    Hi Cathy, Would you know who actually owns the mosque in Murfreesboro? I have looked at the public records here without success but I may not be looking in the right place. Before the mosque was built the Muslims made a point of saying only local money would be used. I don’t believe 45 families came up with several million dollars especially since they don’t borrow from normal banks. Thanks, Mike

    Mike Baldwin Murfreesboro,TN 37130 615-898-0120

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