The Misinformed Media And Their Muslim Friends.

Heidi Nieland Hall is a “journalist” that writes for the Tennessean as well as other scruffy news media. The problem with those of her ilk, is the dangerous ignorance she passes on to her readers. In an article in the Nashville Ledger titled Examining our Expectations After Shootings, (    Ms. Hall  states “I’d like to say my very first emotion after the July 16 Chattanooga mass murder was either horror or sadness, but that would be a lie”


Ms. Hall then goes on to give the latest figures of gun violence in the U.S and how sick it makes her. She mentions the Chattanooga Muslim shooter was from a “devout” family that sent their son to Jordan for his depression and drug addiction. Never once mentioning the radical passages he wrote and spoke of prior to the murders of 5 of our military. Instead she speaks of the religious affiliations of other murderers this year.

By comparison, I didn’t ask myself what about the religious affiliation of Dylann Roof or John Russell Houser or worry that they might be Presbyterian, as I am. (Roof was Lutheran, and Houser praised Westboro Baptist Church as “the last real church in America.”)

The difference Ms. Hall fails to understand is neither of those mentioned committed murder in the name of their religion.  Abdulazeez did. In his only blog posts and in his last text he quoted from the Hadiths, which is the main source of the Sunna, or the customary behaviors of their prophet Muhammad. His last text was ” whosoever shows enmity ( hate) to a friend of mine, then I have declared war against him”

Abdulazeez also listened to audio sermons of radical Islamist AL Qaeda member Anwar Al Awaki, googled how to be a martyr, grew the obligatory beard, travelled extensively to Jordan and the Middle East, and was the son of a man previously placed on the terrorist watch list due to his allegedly supporting Hamas.

On Ms. Halls Facebook page she states:

“I never asked myself — until well after their crimes — about the religions of Roof (Lutheran), Houser (general anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic nut job) or Hicks (atheist), but I sure waited eagerly for the Muslim denunciation of Abdulazeez. That’s not fair to my compassionate Muslim friends who love this country as much as I do. Thank you, Paul Galloway and Drost Kokoye, for your candor”:

Well Ms Hall must have missed this tweet by her friend Drost.


SO much for loving America.  Paul Galloway is no better. He was the founder and director of the CAIR Houston TX chapter which stands with and supports the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, the terrorist organization vowing to change America from within. Yes these are true lovers of America!

But Ms. Hall is exactly what is wrong with the media and the left. The refusal to educate themselves on Islam and its doctrine , the refusal to connect “friends”  with Muslim Brotherhood organizations , the refusal to admit it and certainly the refusal to tell the truth.

This is the problem and Ms. Hall is part of it. Wake up and smell the enemy Ms. Hall, they are all around you.

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2 Responses to The Misinformed Media And Their Muslim Friends.

  1. Joan French says:

    What happened to my comment on Heidi’s article? Is it there and I missed it? Or did they scrub it because they stand the truth to be told?

  2. Robert Pelt says:

    Ms. Hall is only interested in preaching her leftist agenda, not informing her readers of the dangers of Islam.

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