TN Homeland Security’s Commissioners Cowardly Condolence to Chattanooga

Tennessee’s own Homeland Security commissioner, Bill Gibbons thinks the murder of 5 American soldiers on American soil by an Islamic terrorist is a “senseless act of violence”.  This is no surprise since this comes from a man, much like U.S Attorney Bill Killian, that is smitten by the Islamic community in Tennessee, despite that community being loaded with Muslim Brotherhood. Read Gibbons full letter here (From the desk of)

In 2011 Bill Gibbons held a  secret closed door meeting with a group called the Muslim Rapid Response Team in an effort to discuss the proposal of the anti terrorism material support bill. This group consisted of Muslim activists from across the state, and are now members of the renamed group American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC). Bill Gibbons and Governor Haslam have legitimized this group by partnering with them.

gibbonswith amac


The American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) has conducted training for law enforcement, attended forums predominately attended by prosecutors and law enforcement officials, has been partnered with TN Dept of Homeland Security and has carte blanche to the editorial board of the Tennessean paper. All thanks to  TN Dept of Homeland Security Bill Gibbons.

kasar with sheriff

The American Muslim Advisory Council  (AMAC) board members often intertwine themselves with the American Center for Outreach (ACO) in an effort to never fully disclose who belongs to which organization. The only constant right now is the executive director of both, Paul Iesa Galloway. A Muslim Brotherhood supporter.

Galloway, a convert to Islam from Houston TX, was the founder and director of the  Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas organization CAIR from 2002-2006. CAIR was one of several unindicted co-conspirators in the United States’ largest terrorism funding case called the Holy Land Foundation Trial which occurred in Dallas TX in 2008.  Galloway also keeps company with Muslim Brotherhood supporter Mohamad Elibary, who had worked for the U.S Dept of Homeland Security.

Elibiary left his job as a security advisor to DHS after going public with his support of the Muslim Brotherhood. Galloway and Elibiary have worked together in the past.  Galloway has even become a registered lobbyist, bringing his CAIR ideology to the Tennessee Capitol. Bill Gibbons chose to partner with this group, now Bill Gibbons is placating them by downplaying the murder of Americans at the hands of a Muslim terrorist.

Another member of AMAC’s board is Saleh Sbenaty from the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. Here is Mr. Sbenaty pictured with Nihad Awad, the self proclaimed supporter of Hamas who is the executive director of the National Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Awad attended the opening of the Murfreesboro mosque and a rally in opposition to the anti terrorism material support bill.

Nihad at ICM with sbenaty

Is Bill Gibbons willfully demeaning the horrific terrorist attack by calling it a “senseless act of violence” as to not offend his Muslim friends?

“The event in Chattanooga is a terrible personal tragedy. I continue to send thoughts and prayers to victims, their families and to all of Chattanooga. It is also a reminder of the vulnerabilities we face. We will continue to work hard every day to prevent these kinds of attacks in our state”.

Mr. Gibbons you have allowed Muslim Brotherhood supporters  to”train” law enforcement with a whitewashed version of the threats amongst us. Law Enforcement can’t protect us when you refuse to define and identify the enemy.

Mr. Gibbons, we have vulnerabilities because of your lack of manhood to acknowledge you are partnering with a group that aligns itself with the Muslim Brotherhood. Until you remove groups like AMAC from the inner workings of our security agencies, we will continue to have  Islamic terrorist attacks , and it all falls back on you.

P.S it wasn’t a “senseless act of violence, it was an Islamic terrorist attack”

Cathy Hinners

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2 Responses to TN Homeland Security’s Commissioners Cowardly Condolence to Chattanooga

  1. Mike Baldwin says:

    You do a great job of keeping up with the Muslim “players” in our state. Sbenaty was one of the main people involved with the “super mosgue” construction in Murfreesboro. I’ll never forget his daughter being quoted in the newspaper, “What is this Shariah, if this was true no one would be a Muslim”. The Muslims kept her out of the newspaper after that.
    Best wishes,

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