One of Many True Feelings Of A Muslim On Chattanooga

Once again a Muslim terrorist killed Americans, and once again the same condemnations come out of the Islamists mouths. But behind those cookie cutter statements are the truths which are spoken in various forms of social media. The most odious and disgusting remarks comes from a young Muslim man named Cyrus McGoldrick of Princeton NJ.

cyrus on shooting 1cyrus 2cyrus 3cyrus4cyrus5


No need to say more

Cathy Hinners

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2 Responses to One of Many True Feelings Of A Muslim On Chattanooga

  1. Brenda B. says:

    A lot of hot air from a muslim who obviously believes & justifies a cowardly act of murder. We know that according to their so called religion which is no more than an ideology created by a lunatic murderer & pedophile himself called Mohamed. This ideology represents itself as a religion which is a lie from the pit of hell & has somehow convinced some American leaders that it can be protected by America’s Constitutional laws all the while twisting the law to justify murder, incest, abuse & on & on. Too many Americans have their heads buried in the sand while America goes down the tubes & sells out to this so called religion moving fast to dominate our ways of life. Told to leave those peaceful people alone is insulting to me & so many other Americans that I am tired of silence while they (Islam) moves into position to take over our way of life making us prisoners in our own country.

  2. Detroit says:

    Only a brain dead liberal would believe any of this drivel. GTFO with this bullshit. Read your koran, hadith and sura and you will know exactly why moslems do what they have done for 1400 years, why moslem majority nations are the worst place on earth for a woman to be, why logic and free thought are met by death… Stone age cult for neanderthal thinking savages.

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