This Years Iftars: A Dose of Dawa Part 1

As previously published, Iftar ( breaking of the fast) dinners have been being held at the Islamic Center of Nashville for various groups and individuals that most likely do not understand the deception behind their invitation. The most important function of a “good” Muslim is to perform dawa, (the proselytizing of Islam) with the end goal being the acceptance of Allah by non-Muslims. Dawa is a religious obligation that every Muslim must perform.

“Here in the educational institution, the teacher should be the top target. They are free, they have the time and they exert a lot of influence upon the students. If they are convinced about Islam as a way of life, they can motivate their students to that effect in great numbers. Teachers will therefore, be the special Dawah targets of the Islamic Movement. Individual contacts with teachers will be a very effective means and that should be developed to the extent of intimacy where possible. Contacts with the teachers will always have preference over others”.  (Methodology of Dawa page 120)


A fitting passage as some of those in attendance were from Teach for America.  Teach for America (TFA),  is an organization that “recruits top recent college graduates and young professionals to work in high-need classrooms.”   Just what the Islamists want.  “They have the time and they exert a lot of influence upon the students”.  



Convincing those that have the power to sway the minds of our youth that Islam is the answer to what ails society is dangerous and destructive. But are these the teachers you want educating your children? The fact the Islamic Center of Nashville is affiliated with the largest Muslim Brotherhood organization in the United States should send them all running. Why would young professionals  be willing to accept an ideology that is so antithetical to their own?  Most importantly, why would educated individuals want to do business with a group that has been designated a terrorist organization in other parts of the world? (

icn2Perhaps the answer lies with who some of the alumni are. Meet Deray McKesson. A Teach for America alumni. Just the mindset the Islamists hope for. Someone that is disgruntled with America, and can relate to the Muslims as they refer to themselves as victims too.  Mr. McKesson is a protestor and was the twitter king for those following the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore. But Mr. McKesson is also a racist.

mckesson on long summer for white suprmacy

Is this who you want responsible for shaping the mind of our future?

Coincidently, the Islamic Center of Nashville’s own agitator and activist Drost Kokoye is an acquaintance of Mr. McKesson. What a small world.


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