If You Attended An Iftar Dinner, You Are A Victory For Islam.

Muslims have a plan for America, and it doesn’t include having freedom of speech or freedom of religion.  To a good Muslim, living in a pure Islamic state, ruled by sharia law is the only way to fulfill the obligation to enter paradise. Is America ready to live under one god, one religion and allahs law.  You better be, they are indoctrinating quickly and more openly than ever before. As some politicians would say, never let a crisis go to waste, and that’s exactly what the Muslims are doing.

From the removal of the Confederate Flag, the ruling of the Supreme Court on gay marriages  to the intentional division of America, it is the Muslims that continue to push this envelope.  But while  individual Muslims are stirring the pot, their organizations are openly recruiting and performing their dawa.

As their own textbooks reveal Islam is not a religion, their own books reveal how they truly feel about Christians, Jews and America.  In a publication called the Methodology of Dawa written by Shamim Siddiqi the author explains many things including the necessity for the Islamic movement to move forward in America.

  There a struggle is continuing to introduce Allah’s Deen in the body-politic of the country, provided the Superpowers, the vested interests within and outside the country and the anti-Islamic forces are either neutralized or eliminated soon. Otherwise, these rival forces will try to engulf the country in an unending civil war. This will delay the process of Islamization and only  Allah knows the outcome. The Mujahideen (fighters) are yet to embark upon perhaps a greater amount of sacrifice and bloodshed than what they have rendered so far in order to turn Afghanistan into an ideal Islamic state, to serve as a model for the rest of mankind. (Introduction page 15)

Now it is the responsibility of the immigrant Muslims and the indigenous Muslims to realize their obligations to bring the truth to the West.   ( Introduction page 17)

Muslims living in the Western countries cannot avoid their obligation to bring Islam to the people of their respective regions as long as they are living in these lands ( Introduction page 17)

Perhaps that is why the Muslims in America are expediting the scope of their dawa. All of a sudden Muslims are everywhere proselytizing the word of Islam. This year Muslims in Tennessee have been empowered to hold their Iftar dinners ( breaking of the fast) with inviting politicians, law enforcement, and a U.S Attorney to the Islamic Center of Nashville. ( Which shares a P.O  Box with the Muslim Brotherhood organization the Islamic Society of North America-ISNA ) There they received a presentation called Islam 101.   Interesting how those in attendance are those that have the ability to effect change within our system. Did they have a choice whether to attend this function? Probably, but one can only imagine if they declined how they may be labeled, and what candidate for mayor could afford to lose votes!

farhuddin on visitors to mosque

Are any of these attendees aware this mosque shares a PO Box with the Muslim Brotherhood organization ISNA ( Islamic Society of North America?



DO the attendees really understand why they were invited? Do they know the deception behind the invite? As you can see from only a brief snippet from their own literature, this was a religious obligation.

Muslims don’t just want you to accept their god as yours, they need  you to accept their god as yours. Its their duty, its their obligation to obey their prophet Muhammad.  Those that attend interfaith forums, or partake in religious functions such as Iftars are being deceived. Were you told about the 5 pillars? Were you told your God is the same as theirs? Were you told how Muslims are persecuted and hate crimes are on the rise against them because of Islamophobes and the anti-Muslim movement which must be stopped?

The above excerpts from the Methodology of Dawa are only from the Introduction. I urge you to read more by clicking here   MethodologyofDawah

The war is on, and you just became a victory for Muslims.

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