Muslims In Their Own Texts.. Islam Is Not A Religion

One only has to read textbooks used in Muslim schools, taught by Muslim teachers that Muslims themselves do not believe Islam is a religion.  That’s right, Islam is not a religion.

In a textbook being used at the Annoor Academy in Knoxville TN,  “What is Islam” authored by Yayiha Emerick, The author clearly articulates what Islam is …and isn’t.

what is islam That’s funny, they constantly seek protection under the first amendment as a religion.  Throughout the textbook there are more references acknowledging Islam is not a religion.  

islam way of life

Islam is a deen”  “Islamic program”, and “five pillars or practices”.   

Although the author admits Islam is not a religion, the use of the word faith seems to define why they follow Allah. But he also ridicules and dams Christians and Jews.


As the textbook progresses Islam is referred to as a political system, and  Christians are repeatedly put down.


For all the effort the Muslims put forward to appear to like non believers, they actually have rules about non muslim friends.


Over the next several weeks, we will continue to publish more excerpts from this textbook. While this is only one, this book is widely used in classrooms which clearly shows Muslims are not what they profess to be. Taqiyya , the art of deception is used more often than not to make non believers think they are a religious people. Unfortunately those that lean left have embraced the lies  and continue to assist in pushing the Muslim agenda forward.

Perhaps it is time to turn the narrative around and expose the Muslims own textbooks as the truth as opposed to the façade they have built in order to be protected under our Constitution.  Islam is not a religion. Islam is not tolerant, or peaceful or truthful. Islam is the lie we all thought it was.

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