Is The South At War?

Yes the South is at war, and no one is paying attention. Immediately after the heinous murders in Charleston S.C, the focus shifted from the victims and the healing of a community to the history and heritage of the South. This is just what the left has been waiting for, an excuse to stir a pot that is now beginning to boil over.

The rationale of those fanning the flames is the historical items displayed throughout the south that have  suddenly come to life and are aiding in the killing of blacks. The Confederate flag shot 9 people, and  a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest is causing oppression. But it hasn’t ended there. Once again the Islamists have come to the rescue by having their posses roam the streets of Tennessee to look for whatever is named after someone offensive.

remy on streets that need to be changed    remy on things in capitol need to go

Offensive to whom? Ms. Suleyman, who tweeted the above and below  is a refugee from Iraq. This isn’t her history, this isn’t her battle, but she is a pawn who follows the doctrine of Islamic groups that are facilitating the destruction of America. She, and others like her have a hatred for America so they embrace and support those that are disgruntled or disadvantaged, showing them why they too should hate America.

new shot



Now, it isn’t just the history of the south, its the religion.  A statue of the Ten  Commandments is being removed from its place outside of a building in Oklahoma, all while churches are being burnt to the ground. ISIS is doing the same thing in the Middle East.  Destroying a society by attacking its artifacts and culture so that theirs can be ushered in. In a message sent to the black communities in the South, Muslim activist Linda Sarsour, a NY’er of Palestinian decent  seems to blame the KKK for all that is happening.

sarsour on south churches being burned

“We ready, just need some instructions”  Ready to do what?  Come to the South to recreate Ferguson? Baltimore? Have the investigations revealed the KKK was involved?  Does Ms. Sarsour have inside information that whites are responsible? To speculate at this juncture is irresponsible especially when Ms. Sarsours own community has committed crimes to their own places of worship which are immediately labeled hate crimes only to find out it was a Muslim that committed the crime.

The South, its heritage and  its culture are under attack. Christians and history are as well. The history of America, including its founders and documents were based on Christian Judeo principles whether you like it or not.    The Buckle of the Bible Belt  is losing the battle and will continue to as long as they remain silent.


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2 Responses to Is The South At War?

  1. David says:

    Great Job!

  2. Cultural Marxism reaches into every nook and cranny… every street corner and home attacking anything and everything not politically correct or Marxist in its content. There is nothing safe, all things are seen as political, and anything that promotes individualism, personal freedom or a Nation’s former historical and cultural identity must be removed.

    Cultural Marxism seeks to replace the former history of nations and family with a new revised and socialist friendly history upon which to justify and build a communist ideology and government.

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