Southern Poverty? Law Center… Hardly.

The Southern Poverty Law Center really isn’t what it’s name suggests, and neither is its mission. According to the “Who we are”  description,  “Using litigation, education, and other forms of advocacy, the Center works toward the day when the ideals of equal justice and equal opportunity will be a reality”. So does that mean those poor folks will share in the wealth of those working behind the SPLC badge, or share the money from the bogus law suits the SPLC initiates. Either way its unlikely those seeking their services know how much money they make off of them. ” A Rich History”, has an entire different meaning upon seeing the yearly salaries of the SPLC hypocrites.


According to their 2013 federal tax 990 form the executives of the SPLC seem to make a hefty amount of money representing those poor people they claim to help find “equal justice and equal opportunity”.  The president of the SPLC, Richard Cohen ended his 2013 year with $359,300, while the bottom feeders like writers Mark Potok only made $162,755. Included in that figure is their health insurance, ( they don’t have obamacare!) and money towards their retirement. Hmm, wonder if those “most vulnerable members of our society”  get a retirement?   ( info under IRS Form 990)

splc 990

So what makes the SPLC the steward of those disadvantaged in our country? The SPLC is nothing less than a wealthy bunch of ambulance chasers that spew their own form of hate. It’s evident if you don’t agree with their ideology ( which basically is the same as the Muslims in America) you are designated a label.

Aside from their wealth, the SPLC uses tactics from old school investigator days. The SPLC has a host of “infiltrators” that attend rallies and conferences waiting to hear anything they can construe as racist, or anti Muslim. SPLC internet trolls do the same thing. Such heroes! Perhaps they should use the fake nose and big sunglass disguise and attend a Muslim Brotherhood conference.  Oh that’s right, they think the Muslim Brotherhood and its ilk are swell!

Instead they write about women they undoubtedly would be scared to death of to face in person, or even debate.( It’s much easier to hide behind a desk and write about women that could articulate everything they say. (   (and probably kick butt as well) The only thing Potoks article has accomplished is terrorist organizations like CAIR/Hamas, and Islamists across the country getting more mileage from the words Islamophobes, hater and basher.

Unfortunately the SPLC doesn’t get who the real extremists within our borders are. No, they aren’t a retired Police officer, or a retired CIA agent, or a former prosecutor/Judge or TV personalities, they are the truth tellers and exposers. Something the SPLC should try.

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