Who’s Really Behind Changing American History.

confederateflag   Look no further for who is behind the push to ban any and all items depicting the Confederate flag. No it isn’t the majority of the black community, it is the Islamist community and they are out in full force. This isn’t their fight, but they have hijacked it in an attempt to gain more support from minority communities. Islamists and their terrorist organizations such as CAIR ( Council On American Islamic Relations) want to rewrite history, or at least whitewash it just as they have done to textbooks, law enforcement and military training. To take the spotlight off of them, they also are pushing a narrative driven at the expense of  white Americans.

dawud walid on flag

Ah, nothing like a radical black Muslim that belongs to a known terrorist organization demanding a hate free America, and of course a more “equitable” one as well.

CAIR, whose national executive director  Nihad Awad was once a leader in the Muslim Brotherhood organization the IAP ( Islamic Association of Palestine) and who supports the Hamas movement is the loudest voice in this current debacle.

But the removal of the flag is just the beginning.  Nashville Muslim activist Drost Kokoye ( who is a  Kurdish refugee from Iraq) has put out her feelers to see what else could possibly be so offensive it too needs to be changed.

drost on any place with confed name

This coming from a refugee whose family was taken in by a white couple, who often spews hatred for white privilege, but oops admits she is privileged!

drost on privalege

But more importantly Ms. Kokoye just hates America.


The most disturbing statement though comes from former Dept. of Homeland Security advisor Mohammed Elibiary, who suddenly left that position after posting  questionable radical leaning tweets including one with  the Muslim Brotherhood logo. Elibiary, from Dallas TX claims to be a center right Republican, but has also tweeted America will be an Islamic country.

elibiary on south never rise again

Inclusion of what and whom Mohammed? Everyone that lives in America is “included”  but a vast number choose not to be, including members of your own community.  Calling for the removal of a flag is just smoke and mirrors and the tip of the ice burg. The stifling of Freedom of Speech is paramount to these organizations and individuals as is the redistribution of wealth.

By the way Mohammed, never say never

Cathy Hinners


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2 Responses to Who’s Really Behind Changing American History.

  1. Richard says:

    Cathy, thank you for your hard work exposing this radical movement

  2. Hal Rounds says:

    The same domination of hatred over truth is going on in the mideast, as ISIS destroys the evidence of civilizations that preceded them, civilizations whose accomplishments dwarf those of today’s Islamic haters. The same hatred, now against the Confederate Battle Flag (not the national flag, proving the ignorance behind the hatred), is to be followed by taking the names off buildings the Confederates built for us as they struggled to overcome Union suppression labeled “Reconstruction.” If one is to understand, the Klan, they need to study the “Union Leagues” that tormented those who struggled to build cotton gins, to keep streets safe, and maintain law and order in the chaos of Union rule as the South suffered and struggled.

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