Are Americans The “Other Threat”? Only If You Are A Conservative

In an op-ed published this week in the New York Times titled “The Other Terror Threat” ,  the authors state according to law enforcement,  “right-wing” extremists are more of a threat than al Qaeda or other like-minded organizations.  This doesn’t come as a surprise to those of us retired from law enforcement that are instructors. (full op-ed here:

According to the article, “An officer from a large metropolitan area said that “militias, neo-Nazis and sovereign citizens” are the biggest threat we face in regard to extremism. One officer explained that he ranked the right-wing threat higher because “it is an emerging threat that we don’t have as good of a grip on, even with our intelligence unit, as we do with the Al Shabab/Al Qaeda issue, which we have been dealing with for some time.” An officer on the West Coast explained that the “sovereign citizen” anti-government threat has “really taken off,” whereas terrorism by American Muslim is something “we just haven’t experienced yet.”   Yet?  In the very same article its mentions incidents involving Muslim terrorists on American soil. SO those aren’t a threat? The key word though is anti government. That is what the government itself is afraid of.

Training to law enforcement about the Islamic threat has either been whitewashed or scrubbed all together, Police officers aren’t allowed to hear about the Muslim Brotherhood within our borders, or the groups that have set up shop such as Hizb ut tahrir and Jamaat Ul Fuqra.  In 2013, the FBI training division was ordered to purge all materials related to Islamic extremists because Muslims in America were offended at how they were portrayed. So of course law enforcement isn’t aware of the extent  of the cells operating within their own jurisdictions.

Law enforcement agencies across the country receive some sort of federal funding at some point, whether its for grants used for training, equipment or man power. Higher ups in law enforcement love federal grants, as it gives them opportunities otherwise not available. But it also dictates their training, equipment and who is hired.  Its the  government, nothing is free and strings are always attached. Those strings usually tie organizations like the Islamic Network Group (ING), or the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) to the training police do receive. Intelligence and cooperation within these communities are of utmost importance, but as with the groups mentioned, it’s only about their religion, what the police cant do, and how the police need to conform to them. Its not training, its Dawa, the proselytizing of Islam.


The right, or people leaning right are generally against the ideology of the left, especially when it comes to gun control, freedom of speech and the limit to government involvement in their lives. This administration is against all of those things the right and the founding fathers believed in. It’s no surprise the government tells law enforcement  its the American people, not the Islamists that are the threat.

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