The Southern Poverty Law Center .. Are They Haters or Idiots?

The Southern Poverty Law Center recently released an article in their Summer 2015 magazine, which is titled “Women Against Islam”.(

I am proud to say I am one of those women. The article which was written by Mark Potok and Janet Smith, gives brief glimpses into who they consider the top 12 women in the country that speak out against Islam or are “Muslim bashers”.  I must say that for Mr. Potok  being the director of the “Intelligence Project”  he severely lacks  the intelligence ingredient.

As Mr. Potok points out, “a national spotlight was focused on the group that hosted the provocative event ”, referring to of course the draw Muhammed event in Garland TX, where 2 Muslim terrorists were killed by a lone security officer. The focus was in fact shifted to the event rather than the fact once again Muslim terrorists acted on American soil.  By the way, the same freedom of speech that protects the drawing of a man who no one knows what he looked like, is the same freedom of speech Mr. Potok has to write about women he doesn’t know.

Potok (or Smith) goes on to write “But the universe of American anti-Muslim activists is peculiarly dominated by women”. ( complex about women Mr. Potok?) which is irrelevant when it comes to exposing the agenda and goals of a vast majority of Muslims in America. Perhaps Mr. Potok could learn from the intelligence we women possess.

CAIR moderate? Perhaps Mr Potok ( or Ms. Smith) should research before they define CAIR moderate. CAIR, whose leader Nihad Awad has openly admitted he is a supporter of Hamas

( which is still on the State Depts Foreign Terrorist Org list) and who was an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism funding trial ( Holy Land Foundation) in US history, and has been designated a terrorist organization by the U.A.E, and CAIR’s executive director is even listed in the Muslim Brotherhoods phone book, which was presented as evidence in that federal trial. ( See the phone book and other pieces of evidence under documents).

Mr Potok also writes” Reacting to news about Islamic State atrocities in North Africa in 2014, she sneered at American Muslim leaders’ attempts to distance themselves from the violence, saying, “it’s not working. Islam for those demented barbaric savages is the same Islam practiced by Islamists here in our neighborhood mosques” Perhaps if Mr. Potok Or Ms. Smith knew anything about Islam, they would understand that regardless of Muslims in America professing to be different from those “over there”, the doctrine they all must follow is exactly the same. All Muslims declare the Shahada ( there is no god but Allah, and Muhammed is the prophet).  Islam is Islam is Islam. The end goal is the same for all Muslims (the return of the global caliphate) they just are achieving that in different ways.

It seems evident people such as Mark Potok and Janet Smith are eager to label those they don’t agree with or which makes them uncomfortable as bashers or haters. But that’s what the Southern Poverty Law Center is all about.

Mr. Potok, a 60-year-old male from Montgomery AL, with a background in reporting,  slams a judge,  a retired CIA agent, an attorney, and other professional women because they expose and speak out against an enemy he either is absolutely clueless about, or is scared to death of. 


Cathy Hinners

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