Is The ANTI-ISLAM Phoenix Protestor a Muslim ?

On May 29, 2015 a controversial protest took place at an Islamic Center in Phoenix. Some of the protestors, including the organizer Jon Ritzheimer wore t-shirts with the words “f- Islam” on the front.


Due to many protestors carrying weapons, police presence was heavy, but instead of violence, many  are touting this as a success as some protestors had a  change of heart towards Islam.  Mr. Jason Leger supposedly attended the controversial protest in front of the Islamic Center of Phoenix wearing a ” F-Islam” t-shirt.  Mr. Jason Leger left that same protest vowing to never wear it again. During the protest Leger met and spoke to members of the mosque, who in turn invited him in to watch them pray. Leger has since become known nationally for being the hard core protestor that found peace and love inside the mosque.  In the full length interview ( view here: Leger goes into detail about the importance of educating oneself about Islam, How peaceful and loving the Muslims were, how eager Muslims are to answer questions, and how the mosque is open to anyone to visit. Leger has given several interviews, but in this exclusive 21 minute interview with FOX 10 news of Phoenix, could he possibly have revealed he  is a muslim convert? 

“I believe he also converted”  was the answer to a question posed by reporter Andrew Hasbun regarding Leger’s friend and neighbor “Ronald” who is a Muslim. Leger and “Ronald” ran into each other when Leger entered the mosque for prayer. Does the comment that his friend ALSO converted suggest that Leger has made a slip?

But why would Mr. Leger lead the world to believe he was just a protestor wearing an offensive t-shirt  with a change of heart if he was a Muslim?  But then again why are so many alleged hate crimes being reported by Muslims, only to be found out Muslims committed the crimes?

Marietta GA 2010, a mosque was set on fire and immediately Naeem Baig, the vice president of ICNA,  spoke out against anti-Islamic sentiments and acts, stating the “Islamic Circle of North America feels very strongly that these incidents of Islamophobia are on the rise in our country,” Turns out a member of the mosque  was arrested for the fire that destroyed it.  (

El Cajon CA 2012, an Iraqi woman is beat to death and a note left by her body with ”This is my country, go back to yours, you terrorist.’ is found, automatically assuming  it was a hate crime.  Her husband, Kassim Alhimidi was later arrested and charged with her murder, making it a domestic violence crime not a hate one. (

Fresno CA 2014. The Islamic Center of Fresno is vandalized and is deemed a hate crime, until evidence leads them to arrest Asif Mohammad Khan  who claims to have caused damage to the mosque because he felt members talked down to him. (

 This is just an example of some of the “hate crimes” reported by the Muslim community but also committed by a Muslim in the  community..

During the first several minutes prior to the interview with Jason Leger,  there is a dialogue between Fox10 Anchors Samia Khan and Ron Koon, which sets the stage for reporter Andrew Hasbun.  Both banter about their opinions regarding religion at which time Ms. Khan shares she will show the entire “raw” video.

Khan and hoon

What’s  interesting is Mr.. Khan, who was arrested for vandalizing a mosque in Dec 2014, appears to be the brother of Samia Khan, the FOX10 anchor that presented the entire 21 minute version of the  Phoenix mosque protest, where Mr. Jason Leger praised Islam.

Is this all a coincidence or more deception?

Dailyrollcall reached out to Fox10 Reporter Andrew Hasbun, but no response as of yet.

Cathy Hinners

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