The Hypocrisy of Muslims in America

Privilege. That’s the new buzzword used by Muslims in America.  What’s laughable is the Muslim immigrants using the term are just that..privileged.  What’s not so laughable is the deception and façade they live by to further their agenda.  For every interfaith forum,  “meet your Muslim neighbor” gathering , or multicultural event you can bet the Islamists return to their homes exhausted by the frauds they are perpetuating.   Case in point, a recent public Facebook post by Daoud Abudiab, the president of a mosque in Columbia TN, and a board member of the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition

daoud on exceptionalism

Well, Mr. Abudiab , how do you propose to explain your privilege? What Mr. Abudiab doesn’t admit is his lifestyle fits that of a wealthy man that has lived the American dream by prospering quite well.

Perhaps Mr. Abudiab addresses poverty, discrimination and homelessness in the comfort of his $745,000 Williamson County  Tennessee home.

abudiabs pic of rear house

Or perhaps he thinks about the fragile infrastructure and the broken immigration system as he lays on the beach.

daoud at beach

No it seems Mr. Abudiab is quite comfortable with the American privileged life and doesn’t practice what he preaches.
Can you say “hypocrite” Mr Abudiab?

More to come….

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One Response to The Hypocrisy of Muslims in America

  1. David says:

    He’s. A hypojihadist!

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