Can You Say “Music City” In Arabic?

As usual there was no outrage regarding the announcement of Metro Nashville schools including Arabic instruction in six of its schools. As usual, the Islamists have been able to check this off their to do list,and as usual there is more to this agenda than the Islamists reveal. Of course there is more to the story.



Above: Nashville Director of Schools Jesse Register: “…helps meet the demands of our increasingly diverse city.”  (“diverse city” is another way of saying its a dumping ground for refugees)

In a May 26 article in the Tennessean newspaper, Metro Nashville Public Schools Chief Academic Officer Jay Steele states: “Heritage Arabic classes are meant to build off the skills students in the districts already have”. “We believe it will help them be more engaged in school as a whole and also help them stay connected to their native culture”

Since when has it become our public schools responsibility to help students stay connected to their culture, and in this case, the students “culture” is their religion..Islam.  What doesn’t make sense is these students already speak Arabic, so how is it they need to be taught their native language?

Steel further states “But it also will be a boon for beginners to learn a second language”. “In today’s environment, it’s often a necessity for students to speak two languages,” he said. “We need to give our students a solid background in foreign language so they can take it even further in college, potentially to the point of full fluency. That opens up a world of possibilities after graduation”.

BINGO! So it really isn’t about Arabic speaking students learning how to speak Arabic, its about  inserting a culture aka religion, into the classroom.   It’s about your child learning about Islam whether you like it or not.  What they failed to mention is the majority of these “Arabic speaking” students are Muslims.  Muslims are required to pray 5 times a day, are they being allowed to pray in school? Will the Koran be used as a tool to teach Arabic? Will the Shahada be used to practice Arabic?

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah, Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah ( There is no god but Allah and Muhammed is the prophet”)

shahada-in-arabic-300x142 .

“Declaring the shahada, or testimony, is all one needs to enter Islam”  ( Will your child be converted to Islam without their own knowledge?

Message to parents, this isn’t a quaint idea, this isn’t diversity, this is dawa. ( the proselytizing of Islam). The following are articles written by Shabbir Mansuri , a supporter  of the Muslim Brotherhood which  clearly states the agenda and purpose behind it. The articles were published in and, which has since been removed.


Dawa in Public Schools


Excerpts from Dawa in public schools:

schools are fertile the bottom line

In the buckle of the Bible Belt, Christianity is being diminished and destroyed. Are you parents comfortable with a new generation of converts, possibly  your own child?  Don’t think for one minute its not happening in your own backyard, don’t think for one minute your child isn’t being influenced by it . Perhaps you will have to learn Arabic to understand your own children.




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4 Responses to Can You Say “Music City” In Arabic?

  1. brackenkaren says:

    I believe an investigation needs to take place. I would not be surprised if someone or groups are funding this. NY received money from Muslim groups to put Arabic in some of their schools and one such school has made it mandatory for students to learn Arabic. So who put up the cash for this in Nasvhille? It needs to be researched. PARENTS stand up and shut this down NOW. Go to the school board meetings and DEMAND this be removed from your school because this is just the beginning. This will not stop with Metro Nashville schools.

  2. starrman69 says:

    There is no way in Jahannam that you could go to a middle east city/village/tent encampment and demand that their schools teach English and/or American History and folk lore. We know what happens to dissidents…It’s bad enough that we go into stores and have to look for English postings to locate goods…

  3. Anonymous says:

    This post is insipid and seething with racism

  4. CH says:

    Thanks for the laugh! Islam isn’t a race, its a religion and Arabic is a language not a race . Go back to the dictionary.

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