The Tennessean and Their Islamist Nepotism

In two articles over the past 2 months, The Tennessean newspaper has promoted a Nashville “author”, her mother, and their new book.  Alana Raybon, and her mother Patricia reveal the struggle they experienced when Christian mother Patricia learned her Christian daughter Alana, had converted to Islam.  An article written on April 1st  2015 promotes the Today show interview with the duo, ( )  and the article published on May 26, 2015 promotes the book, telling readers the storyline which is the struggle they experience since Ms. Raybon converted to Islam. (

What the Tennessean isn’t telling you in either story is who Alana Raybon is.  Before we get to that, on May 11, 2015 we published an article regarding the Tennessean and their relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups and individuals in Nashville. David Eduardo Plazas, the  new chair of the editorial board and  opinion editor had invited several members from the Muslim community to a meeting with the entire editorial board to discuss the Muslims concerns on how the media portrays them, specifically after an incident regarding Muslim terrorists.  (

aco meeting with editorial board of tennessean

The director of the organizations represented at the meeting was Paul Iesa Galloway. Mr. Galloway, a convert to Islam himself, hails from Houston TX and has several relationships with Muslim Brotherhood groups, such a CAIR/Hamas, which he founded and was the executive director of the Houston Chapter.  He now runs both the American Center for Outreach (ACO), and the American Muslim Advisory Council ( AMAC) in Nashville. (

What the Tennessean didn’t tell its readers, is Alana Raybon is Paul Iesa Galloway’s wife.  Perhaps Mr.Galloway didn’t tell the Tennessean. Either way its obvious the relationship is based on Mr. Galloway’s sole benefit. Not only is his religious duty of dawa  (the proselytizing of Islam)  being fulfilled, his organizations and community gets free advertising, and now his wife does too.

How sweet, you praise us, we’ll praise you.  Perhaps the Tennessean will rename themselves. The Muslim-ean.

ACO praising the Tennessean paper

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One Response to The Tennessean and Their Islamist Nepotism

  1. says:

    Kathy, You hit the nail on this one! I gave up a good while ago on getting the Tennessean to print a letter critical of Islam. What makes no sense is that Muslims would stop their presses in a heartbeat if they were in political control. Keep up the good work, Mike

    Mike Baldwin Murfreesboro,TN 37130 615-898-0120

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