Two of Many, Islamberg in Hancock NY and Islamville in Dover TN: Why Do We Allow Them To Exist ?

A Tennessee man has been arrested on terrorism charges for allegedly plotting to raid and destroy a Muslim terror training camp in NY. Robert Doggart from Signal Mountain TN, had formed what authorities are calling a militia with the intent to annihilate buildings and Muslims that live on a compound called Islamberg. While we don’t condone the actions of Mr. Doggart, we do condemn the inactions of law enforcement and elected officials that have completely swept the existence of Islamberg under the rug.

In a telephone interview with WND, Delaware County NY Sheriff Craig DuPont states he did not believe the group called the Muslims of America to be a threat. This in great contrast to what the former Mayor of Deposit NY had to say, as well as Deposit NY Police Dept  Sergeant Lou D’Marco as seen in the following video clip title the Third Jihad.

Once again the focus Is being steered away from another very real concern, which is why Islamberg is allowed to exist given the documentation of who these Muslims really are.  So who are they?

Currently there are 36 Jamaats, or “communities of the impoverished”.  Often, as in the case of Islamberg, they are in extremely remote areas, with mobile homes, a mosque, and a school. Some of the residents of Islamberg have resided there for years, while a vast number having been released from prison and are “reverts”.   They fall under the umbrella of Muslims of America, but their allegiance is to Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah El-Gilani  aka Sheikh Gilani.  Gilani, from Lahore Pakistan is the founder and leader of Jamaat Ul Fuqra, a violent, radical group with ties to Al Qaida, and was responsible for the 2002 beheading of Wall Street reporter Daniel Pearl. Khalid Sheik Mohammed, who was Osama Bin Laden’s third in command, personally took responsibility for his beheading.  Daniel Pearl was on his way to meet Gilani regarding the relationship of Richard Reid ( the shoe bomber)  with Al Qaida, when he was abducted.

dan pearl

Islamberg, whose sign reads the “International Quranic Open University” is active, and growing. And yes it is a danger to our country.


During our last visit to this compound, ( which we never were invited in) we met the women pictured below who inadvertently stated it was “women’s weekend”  and they were tired from training. The conversation ended when pressed on what “training” they were referring to.

100_3676 - Copy         screen one of female

The documentaries that have been done on Islamberg reveal the true nature of Islamberg.  The picture on the right is a still taken from the film ” Homegrown Jihad: The Terrorist Camps Around the USA” :

The existence of this “camp” is due in part they use religion as their ruse. They use “interfaith” as a shield and as always their mantra is we all have the same god.   What law enforcement agency wants to be the first to raid a “religious community”, undoubtedly their federal funding will come to a halt, and all will be labeled haters, bigots or Islamophobes.  But how long does law enforcement look the other way?  How long can the almighty dollar reign over conscience and duty to protect and serve?  Where are the elected officials?

They may greet you with smiles and handshakes, but as former deceased leader Mummar Khadafy of Libya often said, they don’t need bombs and guns to take over the west, they shall come from within.  Bingo.

Stay tune for Part 2: Islamville In Dover TN

The document below contains detailed information about Islamberg. Thanks to CP and the Northeast Intelligence Network .

Islamberg-Ul Fuqra

A must see:  The Third Jihad

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3 Responses to Two of Many, Islamberg in Hancock NY and Islamville in Dover TN: Why Do We Allow Them To Exist ?

  1. Thomas W. Fowler says:

    David Koresh and his followers were raided and wiped out and he was a religious leader.

  2. V. Russell says:

    A ‘religion’ does not Need a “training camp”.

  3. Sam says:

    What does the FBI and ATF say about this area? I am certain they know it exist yet they allow it to teach Sharia Law.. Which is already illegal in the United States by written Law.

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