Nashville Meet Your Radical Muslim Activist…

Message to Muslim Activist Drost Kokoye… your “white privilege” is showing!

Despite the harsh words spewing from the now radical Muslim activist attending UTK ( University of TN at Knoxville) her past is all over the internet thanks to a 2011 Al Jazeera article on her family’s journey to America.  “Still living in a quiet suburb of Nashville, they are proud American citizens living a very Tennessee life. Kokoye’s dad is an assistant professor at a major local university, her mom stays home, and her siblings also study and run the family used car business”.  

Well, Ms.Kokoye isn’t exactly proud..

drost on being called an american

Yes Ms. Kokoye you are a Kurd.  A Kurd that  along with her family, fled a country under turmoil led by a murderous regime that was gassing its own people. A Kurd that ultimately landed in Nashville with “white” grandparents that embraced her and her family, and helped establish the refugees to their new country.

Ms. Kokoye isn’t poor, she and her family live the classic middle class life.  Her father is a professor at a local university, and they own a used car dealership.  She owns a car and wears fancy clothes, you know all those “white privilege” things she hates so much.



Ms. Kokoye is just another example of the hypocrisy of her “faith”, the say one thing but do another.  Last year while protesting on behalf of Palestine/Hamas, Ms. Kokoye outwardly supported the BDS (boycott, divest and sanction) movement against Israel, as well as participating in an event held by the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), a well-known Hamas supported organization.  She then had the audacity to serve lunch to families staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Nashville (McDonald’s is a major corporate partner of the Jewish United Fund and Jewish Federation).

dk your phony  Muslim activist , her community should be so proud!

drost on riot


drost on 2nd amendment


drost on cops they aint shit


drost hey white giy fuck spellcheck



Perhaps this is Ms. Kokoye’s way to relieve her guilt of coming from that white privilege she so hatefully speaks out against.

Hypocrisy at its finest..  Perhaps we shouldn’t take Ms. Kokoye seriously..

drost on speakers with no experience





Cathy Hinners

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