Why Do Muslims Oppose Anti-Terrorism Laws?

 Tennessee SB180/HBO 935 reads:   Forfeiture of Assets – As introduced, specifies that property used in the course of, intended for use in the course of, derived from, or realized through certain terrorist acts is subject to forfeiture; creates a civil action for damages for a person injured as a result of certain terrorist acts. – Amends TCA Title 38; Title 39; Title 40 and Title 41.

With the current climate of violence throughout the Middle East, and the promise of that violence coming to our own soil, why would anyone oppose additional measures to secure our own safety? Of course Muslim activist Paul Iesa Galloway from the American Center for Outreach sees it differently. According to this NPR article http://nashvillepublicradio.org/post/muslim-group-fears-tennessee-terrorism-bill-could-be-used-seize-houses-worship   Galloway frets there could be guilt by association and mosques could lose everything.  A little nervous Iesa? Would your affiliation with CAIR aka Hamas lead to guilt by association? Or perhaps your relationship with Muslim Brotherhood supporter Mohammed Elibiary would be.  Then it would make sense you’re opposing such legislation.

galloway 2011Paul Iesa Galloway

Another worry of Galloway’s is  “These houses of worship don’t have tightly controlled membership,” he said. “They’re open to anybody to come in and say their prayers and to leave. And unless this bill is worded in a much more specific and tailored way, it’s very catchall

Really? Funny, on the Islamic Center of Nashville’s website under history, it brags how close the community is.

“The Muslims in Nashville are well diverse with ethnic representations mainly from Kurdistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Palestine, Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia and United States, and many others from Yemen, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Oman, Kuwait as well as African countries. Yet, the community is quite cohesive, well organized and closely tied together”. (http://www.icntn.org/index.php/ct-menu-item-3/ct-menu-item-5

So with the Islamic Center of Nashville being so cohesive and closely tied together, seems “anybody” that just stops in would stick out like a sore thumb.  So what is the real reason activists like Galloway oppose any laws that clamp down on terrorist activities?  Makes one wonder.

Perhaps Galloway should take his own advice. From an article on the Ibn Al Hyderabadee in 2006, (https://ibnalhyderabadee.wordpress.com/2006/12/04/alamdar-hamdani-and-iesa-galloway-dealing-with-the-fbi/)  Galloway and Alamdar Hamdani  are speaking about what not to do when contacted by the FBI, but   “Both Iesa and Alamdar mentioned that if you haven’t done anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about.

Pretty simple. SO what is the problem Mr.Galloway?




Cathy Hinners 





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