It’s Islamic Extremism …Get Over It!


I find it interesting the time and energy being wasted on words by the President of the United States, the media and Muslims. In yet another interview, Muslim activist Paul “Iesa” Galloway, the new director for the American Center for Outreach in Nashville whines about the term so many find “offensive”. Islamic Extremism.  In an interview with NPR, Galloway states:

If you’re going to talk about violent extremism and not include homegrown extremism and not include right-wing or racist groups and not include leftist environmental groups, then it really does look like you’re saying violent extremism, in general, is a Muslim thing. And that’s problematic.”

It is a “Muslim” thing, and you’re right, it is problematic.  The Sovereign Citizens aren’t beheading Christians, the KKK isn’t burning them alive, and environmental groups like ALF ( Animal Liberation Front) aren’t demanding Christians convert or die, so what are you talking about?  The vast majority of conflicts occurring in the world today are involving Islam.

What’s odd is Islamists like Galloway don’t seem to be offended when the word Islam precedes a terrorist  organization like the one he aligns himself with, the MUSLIM Brotherhood, or the ISLAMIC Society of North America, or how about the MUSLIM Student Association?  How about the training compounds, the MUSLIMS of America reside at in Dover TN called ISLAMville or better yet Holy ISLAMville in York SC? That’s all ok because it’s used to describe terrorists that have not committed violence…yet.

So it’s acceptable when it’s  used as a guise to appear religious.  Perhaps Galloway and others are right. Perhaps there shouldn’t be descriptives placed before the word Islam. The same Islam practiced around the world. The same doctrine, the same prophet, the same Shahada.  Perhaps it’s just Islam.

Maybe even Galloway’s  close friend Mohammed Elibiary is right,  even he agrees there is no such thing radical Islam, only Islam.  The Islamic State is right, it’s Islam.

elibiary on no such thing as radical islam only islam

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One Response to It’s Islamic Extremism …Get Over It!

  1. Dave Vance says:

    Hey, why not just get as many photos as possible of what they are doing across the world along with the number of Jihad attacks across the world compared to the other homegrown extremist ? In fact why don’t we stop calling them extremist or terrorist and just refer to what they do as “Islam or Islamist in Action”. They want to be treated like their special fine! We can accommodate! Thoughts?

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