More Nashville Muslim Paranoia

It didn’t take long for the American Center for Outreaches new director Paul Shelby Galloway (aka Paul Iesa Galloway) to become paranoid like the former director Remziya Suleyman.  A new proposal that would allow the state’s Attorney General to break up “no go” zones has the Nashville Muslim organization in a tizzy, even though the proposal isn’t specific to any groups that would be affected.  Galloway, who hails from Houston TX, has brought the same ideology Suleyman had, as both have relationships with Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

Paul Iesa Galloway


Galloway was the founder of CAIR’s (Council on American Islamic Relations) Houston Chapter, but more disturbing than that, he worked closely with known Muslim Brotherhood ally, Mohammed Elibiary with the Freedom and Justice Foundation.  Elibiary was recently forced to leave his position in U.S Dept. of Homeland Security due to his extreme social media comments and pictures of his support for the Muslim Brotherhood.

out team

Mohammed Elibiary with Muslim Brotherhood logo R4bia


Being so closely associated with someone like Elibiary leaves Galloway little room to be pious yet alone credible. Assuming many things about the proposal for a “no go ” zone,  Galloway states “It could be anti-immigrant. It could be anti-Muslim,” he said. “It seems to be a combination of both.”   Or it could be a legal way to prevent radical groups from taking over territories . Something I’m sure Mr. Galloway would agree with.

Whether Galloway and his ACO like it or not, the facts regarding “no go “zones are accurate. Muslims, in particular immigrants and refugees,  throughout this country have created pockets of cities and towns where their refusal to assimilate is obvious. Unlike immigrant  “little Italy’s” or “China towns” of the past where all people were welcomed and urged to visit, todays Muslim newcomers to America seek to be isolated and different. Whether they like it or not, being isolated creates resentment and the impression of oppression, something youth especially don’t need.

Why is it the Muslim community in Tennessee is so paranoid? Why is protecting America and its citizens construed as hate? Why are those that don’t embrace their ideology bigots?

Why does the Muslim community resist any attempts to rid itself of criminal activity which would include terror organizations hiding within it?

Perhaps Mr. Galloway can answer those questions as they pertain to the proposal  to prevent just that occurring. Perhaps not, since he himself associates with them.

Cathy Hinners



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