Interfaith Equals Deceit… And So Do Their Textbooks

Although we have written before on the interfaith scam being perpetrated by Islamists, the trend seems to be gaining ground. With the rise of mass acts of violence being committed by Muslims, the rise of Muslim victimhood climbs as well. Muslims will be the first to denounce these horrific acts, but really, why bother. Behind the charade, they are teaching their children the same hatred they denounce. They also stand shoulder to shoulder with Christians and Jews professing unity and peace, all the while believing Islam really is superior. Muslims believe in Taqiyyah, or the art of deception, which is an  acceptable practice to gain sympathy and support for the furtherance of Islam.

So just what are they teaching Muslim children in Islamic schools? Well, according to one of their own textbooks, “What Islam Is All About” by Yahiya Emerick, not exactly what they want you to know.  So to all those Jews and Christians that swarm to mosques to feel the love from Muslims, listen up, they don’t like you.


“What Islam Is All About”  is from the Annoor Academy in Knoxville, but is widely used in other Islamic schools throughout the state and country. The first thing to note is “What is Islam”? Page 2,  “Islam is not a religion, however, but a complete way of life that is patterned after the natural trend in the universe” 

The following passages illustrate just how the Islamists mock Christianity and Judaism, once again suggesting Islam is superior.

1       3



It is apparent the messages within the textbook are not the same messages conveyed by Islamists while they stand at the pulpit. Why is that?

The following are excerpts regarding Muslims having non Muslims as friends.




The Author of this book, Yahiya Emerick is also the author of  “How to Make America Into An Islamic Nation”  (

From the mouths of the Islamists themselves. Perhaps the next time you hear of an interfaith forum occurring, ask about these pages taken directly from their textbook.  The deceit will flow like water.

SO who are the groups and individuals behind the interfaith fraud? Coming up next!


Cathy Hinners













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