If Islam Is Just A Religion Then Why…

If Islam is just a religion, then why does its followers allow organizations that are widely recognized as terrorists  use   the word Muslim and Islam in their title?

Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim American Society (MAS)

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR)

Islamic Circle of North America  (ICNA)

If Islam is just a religion, why are Muslims actively forming political organizations, political lobbying abilities, and political campaigns, with the promise they will have the power to sway the elections in 2016?

United States Council of Muslim Organizations  (USCMO)

Muslim Public Affairs Council  (MPAC)

Muslim Council of America  (MCA)

American Muslim Advisory Council  (AMAC)


If Islam is just a religion, what are Muslims so afraid of?

125 Groups ask DOJ to Probe   NYPD Surveillance

CAIR Joins Coalition of 75 Groups Seeking White House Action on Anti-Muslim Training

Five Muslim-Americans Sue Feds Over Watchlisting

ACLU, Muslims sue FBI over records

Muslims In France Sue to Stop Free Speech


If Islam is just a religion… It isn’t.    Stop treating it like it is.



Cathy Hinners
















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