Are Americans Willing To Submit To Islam? You Already Are…Part 2

Unfortunately Stage two brings with it the suppression of a number of our Constitutional rights, our culture and our own religious beliefs.   Please read that sentence again.  Islamists across the board have been saying America is no longer a melting pot, but rather a mosaic.  Refusing to assimilate, and insisting to be different eventually causes division and radicalization.  While some occurrences below may have subtle or seemingly insignificant examples, you will see stage two is clearly in action. Those with NA have yet to occur to our knowledge, and others are yet to be discussed.


Muslim immigrants and host country converts continue demands for accommodation in employment, education, social services and courts.

• Proselytizing increases; Establishment and Recruitment of Jihadi cells.  With dawa( the proselytizing of Islam)  being ramped up as stages progress, it comes along with the mindset of radicals that if conversion doesn’t occur on its own, if people of other faiths don’t see Islam as being the only  true religion, Jihad will be the only resource left. Jihad is in fact, an unspoken pillar to which every good Muslim must obey.

• Efforts to convert alienated segments of the population to Islam. Unfortunately segments of our population that have succumbed to being homeless, those on welfare, homosexuals, prisoners, and generally those that are misguided with no direction,  or that may be disgruntled or feel abandoned have become prime targets for Islamists.  Muslim communities have taken food to the homeless, opened weekend medical clinics, marched with gays,   and brought hope to those in prison.  All gestures of good will and humanity, however it is always for an ulterior motive. Who will be remembered as helping those in need? The Muslims.  Who foolishly bites the hand that feeds them? Therefore, they have gained sympathy and gained people who will undoubtedly stand up against those that speak out on Islam.  But that is one side of Islam’s face, here is how they feel about homosexuality, you know one of the groups they embrace: ” This point is important because one of the main aims of sex is to produce children in order to continue human life. Homosexuality does not yield any children. It is a relationship purely for the sake of pleasure, which is not only unnatural, but leads to disease and death”. Read entire article here:

• Revisionist efforts to Islamize history. Islamists are now claiming Muslims founded America not Columbus.   See here

 • Efforts to destroy historic evidence that reveal true Islamism.

• Increased anti-western propaganda and psychological warfare. Last week after the horrific terrorist attack by radical islamists in Paris, Muslims across the country attempted to blame America by insisting the attacks were the result of the released Abu Gharib torture report and pictures. America is consistently seen as the great oppressor to even those that choose to live here.

• Efforts to recruit allies who share similar goals (communists, anarchists).   Muslims for Ferguson.

• Attempts to indoctrinate children to Islamist viewpoint.  The discovery of Pro Islam, anti Christian  ( or nothing at all on Christianity) rhetoric in a vast number of textbooks throughout the country, as well as cartoons, dolls, and toys. Back in 2008, a doll from Fisher Price called the Coo and Cuddle Doll was released without anyone knowing the doll said “Islam is the Light”  amongst   her cooing. Nintendo DS Baby Pals game also says the same thing.  ( I personally have 2 of the dolls and one of the Nintendo games)

coo                            baby pals

The rise in field trips to mosques and the demand for female students to dress in a particular way is very disturbing.

• Increased efforts to intimidate, silence and eliminate non-Muslims.

• Efforts to introduce blasphemy and hate laws in order to silence critics.  This also was discussed in Stage One, but here is another article indicative of how Muslims want us silent

• Continued focus on enlarging Muslim population by increasing Muslim births and immigration. Discussed in Stage One

• Use of charities to recruit supporters and fund jihad.  The  5th pillar of Islam, Zakat, has been celebrated by  terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden as the perfect way to fund jihad. ““Your duty is to support the Mujahideen with money and men. I have experienced Jihad myself and I know how costly it can be. The Zakat of one affluent Muslim merchant is enough to finance all the Jihadi front against our enemies”, and Yusef al Qaradawi who stated : “Collecting money for the mujahideen was not a donation or a gift but a duty necessitated by the sacrifices they made for the Muslim nation”  Groups such as Islamic Relief USA and the Syrian Sunrise Foundation, are just 2 of the organizations that have openly funded jihad.


• Covert efforts to bring about the destruction of host society from within.  In the words of the Muslim Brotherhood :


• Development of Muslim political base in non-Muslim host society.  Recently formed, the U.S Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO)  currently consists of 8 Muslim groups that believe by 2016 they will have the ability and power to sway an election. Note: all 8 groups are Muslim Brotherhood, and according to their own plan called “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America” this is a must to obtain their agenda.  Read the memo here  Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto Arab & English


• Islamic Financial networks fund political growth, acquisition of land.

• Highly visible assassination of critics aimed to intimidate opposition.     NA

• Tolerance of non-Muslims diminishes.       NA

• Greater demands to adopt strict Islamic conduct. Young girls going to visit a mosque as part of a field trip in Colorado are told they must wear certain clothing.

• Clandestine amassing of weapons and explosives in hidden locations.

• Overt disregard/rejection of non-Muslim society’s legal system, culture.  

• Efforts to undermine and destroy power base of non-Muslim religions including and especially Jews and Christians.  NA

Although Stage Two is not completely fulfilled, you can see it has most certainly been set in motion. Elements of Stage 3 have just begun, as the larger the population grows, the more empowered and emboldened the islamists become.

Look for part 3 coming soon.

Cathy Hinners


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One Response to Are Americans Willing To Submit To Islam? You Already Are…Part 2

  1. R.C. says:

    This info should be sent to every member of the Cities’, states’, and Federal governments, along with members of the Executive the Judicial branches. Send them a big THANK YOU For standing up for the Americans, their laws, their religions, their values and the American way of life.

    These people just sit on their asses and pretend that the Muslim groups, such as CAIR (an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and various other terrorist groups), don’t exist in this country. CAIR has already forced the Home Depot in Dearborn, Mi. To teach their employees about Sharia law and the Muslim culture. H.D. must abide by their Islamic practices and, adhere to their religious practices. That isn’t the only Home Depot that has to follow this, there are various others in S.E. Michigan that have been forced to do the same. Home Depot isn’t the only business that has been forced to do this.

    So, tell the women in Our government how nice they’ll look in their new Burkas and let them answer to their daughters, when they ask why they have to dress like twins. You won’t see them in any fast food restaurants that is, unless you go to “Burka King”!

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