Happy New Year…and Here We Go!

This video is a must see. If you care about what your children are “learning” in school, then watch this and pass it on. I also encourage each of you to contact your elected representatives to suggest they watch it as well.

Common Core …its called common for a reason.

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2 Responses to Happy New Year…and Here We Go!

  1. Pam King says:

    So far I’ve listened to 20 minutes of this and I’m sick. It’s time to pull out the stops, three minutes once a month at the school board meeting is not enough. We have to get the attention of the school board now.

    • Pam says:

      Religions’ confuse & worry me. When I was very young (I was kinda raised Christian) & heard that “Jews” are Gods Chosen, it hurt my feelings. So I asked 1 of my Jewish Friends what Loving God would have preferences. My Jewish Friend said *I don’t know (her parents weren’t that religious either)*. The world (in 1 way or another) started almost all wars (except the 1st world war, THAT was Only Selfish), because of Religion. I Have a Deep Respect & Love For God but Religion Kills, Terrorizes & Starts WARS. …Even though I don’t care for Religion, Im copying This Speech & taking it to School’s & Churches…ASAP!!!! 🌷 💔 🌷 GOD BLESS & SAVE AMERICA, PLEASE!!!

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