If You Think 2014 Was Bad…

2014 has been filled with turmoil, distractions and in roads for the Islamists. 2015 isn’t going to be much better unless Americans take a stand.  The following is a compilation of snippets from our website summing up the activities we have followed during 2014 as well as the links to those articles.

In Tennessee we saw the rise of Islamists and their organizations embraced within our public learning institutions, from the Muslim Brotherhood MSA ( Muslim Student Association) forming in high schools, actively conducting prayers and seeking to get the attention and membership of high schoolers to their after school activities such as MYNT and MIST, to Tennessee Tech University mandating the reading of a book for incoming freshmen (Acts of Faith) written by  Muslim brotherhood member Eboo Patel and then inviting him to speak on campus despite all the controversy.

Friday Prayer at Martin Luther King Magnet

mlk jummah




Local Muslim activists such as Remziya Suleyman and Drost Kokoye, both refugees living in Nashville, went their separate ways after a summer of promoting anti-Jewish sentiment, and denying their affiliations with Muslim Brotherhood organizations.  Suleyman is now a representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Washington DC. and Kokoye is a student at UTK, where she continues her anti Jew hatred by promoting BDS ( boycott, divest and sanction) as well as cozying up to the Students for Palestine.

Drost Kokoye and Remziya Suleyman










All across the country, including Tennessee, law enforcement has succumbed to Islamists by caving in when Muslims say they are offended by training that speaks the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood organizations infiltrating everywhere.  Even more disturbing is the movement that is bringing violence and death to our police officers.





Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas front groups like CAIR ( Council on American Islamic Relations)  continue to take root in every nook of the country, all under the guise of Islam. Large businesses across America have fallen prey to their demands as they use jihad lawfare against them. ( aka lawsuits)

CAIRlogo   thKOUD54A6   th




Islamists have injected their miserable ideology into Americas most precious resources, our children, our religion,our security ( military and law enforcement) and our patriotism. All now under attack as they advance  to create their global caliphate.  Common Core is by far the most dangerous curriculum implemented by the majority of states believing its the right thing to do.




Taken from ING ( Islamic Network Group)



Lest we forget the political climate of our great country, which is spiraling out of control. From the hundreds of Muslims that have sought to be elected to local, state and federal positions, to the Muslim Brotherhood forming their own political party, we are a nation being rocked by an enemy that has been invited in by this administration.







We as a people are in trouble. We as a nation are losing.

I wish you all a new year full of health, faith and courage.


Cathy Hinners & the Dailyrollcall group.










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